Saturday, October 6, 2012

Celebrate Good Times...Come On!

Last weekend, not only did we spend some time on the farm (here), but we had a wedding to attend. My cousin Steph got married and little man and I were able to join my fam for the festivities.

It was a gorgeous day, gorgeous wedding and we had tons of fun (mama maybe a bit too much since she had plenty of sober babysitters!) I got to spend time with my siblings I see very rarely it seems (Jen, Heather and Josh), but also with their little ones - Sophie & DeLaney. And don't forget my faves - mom & dad - they are a blast to party with.

Cruz & Papa

Lovely ladies (mom, me, Sophie, Jen & Heather)

Little man loves spending time with Grandma & Papa

My gorgeous parents...seriously they are too cute!

Cruz & uncle Bruce (in from Alaska)

Mommy & Cruzer - my date for the night!

Ash & Josh - can't wait until they tie the knot in January!

Fast asleep on grandma's pillows
(Serio - I need to invest in some of those! He's out like a light!)

Adorable Soph - my dancing partner for the night

See?!?! I'm not lyin'!

Soph with her beautiful mama (my sister Heather)

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