Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Big Green Tractor

Little man and I packed up and headed back to Emerson this past weekend for my cousin's wedding. On our way home, my dad called (very rarely does he ever call) and he asked if I could bring Cruz out to the field so he could ride in the tractor with his Papa. Of course! I was excited for his first tractor ride.

I have to admit Little Mango was a bit nervous when he heard the roaring sound of the tractor and then climbing the tall steps into the cab, but Papa made him feel right at home. I also have to say I was a bit concerned that he would be in a tractor...with no carseat (what?!)....all the way home. But, seriously, this is a massive machine that goes roughly 15 mph. Even if a car hit this bad boy its not like the tractor would be even the slightest bit impacted. So I drove ahead of them and unloaded the car and by the time they got to my parent's house? He was beaming from ear to ear! He loved riding in the big boy tractor and spending some time with his Papa!

Just woke up for a nap...and a bit unsure

Sitting in his own seat!

Cruz LOVED the tractor & spending time with his Papa

And my dad loves showing off his big green tractors

Grandma, Papa & little man

The Fuchser men

Four generations of Fuchser - me, my grandpa, Cruz & Papa (my dad)


  1. my little one got to drive the big green tractors last weekend with her daddy, she loved and he was so proud! this is too cute!

  2. It seems to be a great party at John Deer Green Tractor and everybody is happy and cherish indeed and kids are loving the ride on tractor.


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