Monday, October 29, 2012

Houston, Baby!

Wowza - I feel like I haven't stopped moving since two weeks ago! And I definitely haven't been good about keeping up the blog. I usually try to be proactive with some posts, but that just didn't happen. I know things are getting bad when my mom comments on not seeing a blog update for a while AND she wants to know how our Houston trip went (since it's been so crazy that I hadn't even called her until yesterday...and that was while I was at Vickie's...trying to find out my soon to be SIL's bra size).

But I'm back and now you get to hear all about our trip...little man's FIRST flight....and all of the fun.

I suppose I should give a bit of background. Last minute a work summit popped up in Vegas. I had originally planned to go with the hubby, my sister and our friends to the Hawkeye game in Iowa City. We were planning a big day of shopping & cocktails on Friday for the girls while the guys golfed, a big dinner on Friday night and tailgating all day Saturday. Since my Vegas trip didn't allow me to get back until late Friday night - there would be no way I could get to Iowa City and enjoy all the fun. So, I rung up my best high school friend, Angie, and asked if she wanted the company of her bestie and her bestie's adorable, sweet, funny 11 month old...Of course she did!

After a whirlwind trip to Vegas, I was so happy to be home on Friday night....late Friday night. I went straight to bed - excited as a little girl the night before Christmas - because in the morning I would be reunited with my baby boy! Early Saturday, I rushed around the house finishing packing, getting ready and throwing together all I could think of for Cruz. I sped over to my sister's house to be greeted with the biggest four-tooth smile I had ever seen! Big smiles and kicking fave. I hung out with my parents for a bit catching up on what they did while I was gone and profusely thanking them for all of their help.

We then loaded up my Jeep with everything and my dad drove us down to Eppley (thankful I had him to drive us, I don't know how I would've maneuvered with the stroller, large upright luggage, carseat backpack, diaper bag and handbag AND parking).  I felt prepared - my friend Heather had sent me all of her travel deets since she has flown with her little girl a ton of times - it was VERY helpful....that is until I walked up to the US Airways counter, tried checking in, saw a friend of mine who worked there and he very nicely told me I was flying United, not US Airways...great job bonehead.

We got everything checked, easily made it through security and waited patiently to board.

Mama & Cruzer's first trip

He loved looking at the planes while we waited!
Fortunately we had planned bottle time perfectly and after getting settled we taxied out to the runway and prepared for feeding. The bottle definitely helped, I think anyway, to ensure he didn't get an earache.

Once we landed in Houston, I waited while everyone else got off and then we got ourselves together, were off to collect our bags and wait for Angie to pick us up.

Chillin' outside baggage claim in the hot Houston sun
It was so great seeing Ang and knowing we had two days/nights to spend some time with her and not have to share her with family & other friends like we do on her many trips back home. She was super great and borrowed a pack & play from a friend (not like I could've even managed bringing ours if she hadn't). We unpacked, got the tour of her complex and just chilled. It was nice...

Cruz checking out his digs for the next couple of nights.
We decided to meet up with her boyfriend, Austin, near his apartment in midtown for dinner at Barnaby's - this great little hole in the wall restaurant. Barnaby's is in the middle of the LGBT neighborhood in Houston, is very ecletic and every couple we came in contact with swooned over little man. After dinner and a glass of wine, we headed to Austin's to watch the end of the Hawkeye game...a terrible showing and embarrassing loss.

Wearing a Gerber Puff like a bindi

More mama & Cruz

Passed out after a night of fun
Sunday is the day I had been REALLY looking forward to - Ang was taking us to the Houston Outlet Malls...I had made sure to check out the directory before going and was about falling out of my seat excited at all of the great stores! Converse, Puma, Kenneth Cole, A/X, Tory Burch, Michael Kors....the list could go on...and on. We got there a bit early before the stores opened, but that was perfect for my guy who got to play on all of the kiddie rides. He loved driving the cars.

After a long (I'm talking 11am to 5pm here) day of shopping and many finds, we headed back to Angie's to model all of our finds and plan dinner with Austin for later that night. We decided to hit a little Mexican restaurant called Little Papasito's and unwound after a long day.

Cruzer's loot

Present from auntie Ang - Rock & Roll Mickey!
Happy boy at dinner
Last photo of the day we sent to Daddy
The next morning was Monday and Ang had to head into work for a bit, so Cruz and I had big plans to relax. We had breakfast by the pool, went swimming, play like crazy and packed ourselves up.  Then we headed with Angie to lunch and a bit more shopping (Lululemon, anyone?) and then off to the airport. It was hard to believe our time had passed so quickly!

Breakfast by the pool

Practicing his "mooo"

Ready to swim!

Testing out the fake grass....he wouldn't even let his knees touch it!

All smiles

Goofing around with Ang
We had gotten to the airport pretty early because I wasn't sure what to expect...only to find that our flight was delayed an hour just minutes before we were to board. I was sweating bullets at this point because little man was due for a bottle and I had planned everything just right. So what is a mom to do? Treat her guy to some ice cream, a stuffed Tiger named Stripes (to learn our "rawr" sounds, of course) and walk around the concourse over and over.

Passing the time....

Unfortunately he thinks every animal says "mooo"

Excited to be called to board!

Fortunately, he wasn't too upset and lasted until we boarded the plane and got settled before he fussed, but shortly we were once again taxing to the runway. The bottle worked like a charm, little man passed out and slept the entire way home. Once in Omaha, we quickly got our luggage and met uncle Mook out front. 

I have to say I'm so impressed with how little man behaved on our trip - we are truly blessed with a great little baby and I had such a great weekend hanging out just with him.


  1. Yay! Traveling with a little in tow isn't so bad, is it? Glad you had a fun trip to Houston.

    Tory and I missed you in Omaha, but I think we're planning a return trip for a few days in December. I'll keep you posted!

    1. Seriously your information helped so much! It wasn't bad at all - he was so good thankfully and you're right people are really helpful. I will tell you I was a bit nervous when our flight was delayed on the way back because I timed everything right on, but he held off and it worked out :)

      Let me know about December!


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