Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mischief & Milestones

I swear every day these days I could write a post about something new and cool that little man has done. He is growing and changing like crazy...and we're lucky to be along for the ride!

I finally got a little "ma-ma" love from our boy. He has been chattering away with the "da-das" for some time now and after letting the hubs win on the first word war, I've been feverishly practicing "ma-ma" to no avail. But after one day with the babysitter and grandma...the kid says nothing but mama - and it's so dang cute! Now we are getting even mixes of dada and mama, though he never says the one we want him to say...

Then as I was doing kitchen work - you know, the normal domesticated woman stuff like doing dishes, filling bottles, cleaning up after dinner - little man mosied on over to the dishwasher and pulled himself up to standing position. Where did that come from? He hadn't been pulling himself up yet that much around the house and then - Bam! - he does it so easily.

And pretty darn cute in his new astronaut PJs...if I do say so myself. (I swear I forgot I had ordered oodles of clothes from Gap & Old Navy online a couple weeks ago until it arrived on my doorstep. Ahh, my kind of surprise!)

Pulled himself up

Showing off...

His next move was reaching into the dishwasher, just inches from a knife
(he's so quick, but mama's quicker!)

Stand off with the puggle



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