Friday, October 19, 2012

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As everyone knows, Breast Cancer Awareness month is October and I'm proud to say that our company makes it our focus to put together a lot of initiatives towards raising awareness and donations for this cause.

We have many employee and customer activities thoughout the month, with one of my favorites being the Bras for Cause - where our employees decorate bras and the rest of the employees are able to vote for the one they like the best by placing donations next to their favorite. And while we also have many employees who have overcome breast cancer, the story of one of our VIP Leads is an amazing one. A couple of local TV stations picked up her story and I was able to listen in as she recounted all of the details of her years with cancer, leading up to today where she is now: cancer free. During this interview I was able to share some of the specifics of what our casinos are doing to raise awareness and donations throughout the month. (Check it out here.)

I am a huge proponent of doing what we can to help those in need and stories of people battling cancer always seeem to hit me extra hard. That's part of the reason I'm involved with Angels Among Us and so proud of the work that our organization has done to help families who have a child battling cancer, while small in comparison to some of the national affiliations, in the Omaha metro area.

Try to get out this month and do something to benefit Breast Cancer Awareness this month if you can!

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  1. Way to go Katie - good cause. You look great by the way!



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