Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. For many years, I was not a fan. I would never dress up, thought it was silly and unnecessary....after moving into our house I completely changed my tune and fell hard for being able to decorate our home and think up some very cute/fun outfits to dress the hubby into. Once we started our "annual" Halloween party at our place, I was hooked!

Flash forward to last year, I was majorly preggo and did not feel like finding a costume to hide the bump, nor in the mood to spend all the time to decorate and hold our party....or clean up after the party. So I didn't do any of it.

This year, I knew I wanted to make it a great first Halloween for our boy, but couldn't find the time to really decorate like I wanted too, plus I was a bit worried my decor is too scary for an 11 month old. BUT I knew I wanted to put together a cute costume for our little guy. And I don't know how you get cuter than a....NERD!

 Check this little babe out...

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