Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Another Laugh at the Hubby's Expense

During my pregnancy, I had a couple of "my hubby says the darndest things" moments. It was shocking to me at the time that such a smart man could be lacking the natural understanding of what it takes to raise a child. Giving him the benefit of the doubt, though, because he didn't grow up having to help raise his little brother {his mom handled that very well} and when our sisters & brothers were having kids, he wasn't interested in cooing at the new baby or changing a diaper {as most men aren't}. So no wonder he didn't have a knack for this parenting stuff right off the bat.

And I have to preface this with this statement: my husband is a great dad. Not that I didn't think he would be, but it's so amazing at how easily the knack of parenting has come to him.
Still...he continues to make me laugh with his silly comments. Yesterday, we were talking on the phone as both of us were leaving work trying to figure out who was going to pick up little man. I told him I needed to stop at the store and pick up baby food {since we've recently started him on solids} and it would be easier to run in and out without having to lug around the car seat and diaper bag.

Him: "Why do you need to get baby food tonight?"

Me: "Because we are out. Now that he has started solids we need to be consistent with giving him food around the same time each night and try not to skip any nights so we can make sure he doesn't have any allergies to certain foods."

Him: "Oh, I thought it was just a treat we were giving him. Like how your sister gives the kids ice cream every now and again."

Me: "Um no. It's his meal, like dinner. He has to have it."

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