Sunday, April 15, 2012

Love These Weekends

Another great weekend in the books....another great weekend with family & besties...I {we all} needed this.

One of my high school BFFs was in town and we had plans to tear up downtown Omaha on Saturday night, however, the weather had something else in store for us. I was worried the hubby and I weren't going to make it downtown due to the crazy weather we'd had all day and were supposed to expect that night...fortunately we had a great sitter {grandma Dianne} and decided to make the trip. I dove into my closet and tried on half the options but settled on a denim strapless dress w/ a bomber jacket and 5 1/2 inch platforms. Down at the reception, I saw so many friends from back was a lot of fun and brought me back a bit. {I kept remembering taking "mains" & hanging in the grocery store parking lot with these peeps back in the day rocking out to 90s hair bands.} The best part of the night....hanging with one of my best friends in the world. It wasn't enough time, but its always so great seeing her and catching up right where we left off.

Sunday morning little man woke me up with some light cries around 6:30am with a major blowout. We've recently changed him from size 2 Pampers to size 3 Huggies at night. I didn't believe it when Tessa had recommended I would need to make the change, but it's true. Huggies suck up all the potty and junk and keep him dry through the night. HOWEVER, this does not happen when your slightly intoxicated husband feeds him while you're getting ready {appreciate the thought} and then puts him in bed before changing his diaper....this, in fact, leads to a major blow out of his size 2 Pampers diaper full of #1 and #2...of which was up his back and leaking out the sides of his diaper. I can only imagine how the little guy felt...

After a quick clean-up {which quickly pulled me out of my slight hangover}, we were playing away before "helmet" time. This is always my most favorite time of our days off.

Play time: note the legwarmers his daddy is not a fan of
Soon after I got little man packed up and we headed over to see his auntie Angie before she left Nebraska for her "temporary" home in Houston. He loved spending time with his girl...and it was the first time Ang had gotten to see Cruzer since around Thanksgiving!

The day was off to a start and then we headed to a brunch date at Le Peep  and met up with a couple other favorites: Amundson's {two of the best UNK professors!...and friends} and Clint {one of my best guy friends from college} with his little gorgeous 15 month old, Lucy. The hubby, mom and Cruzer rounded out our crew. This was the first time Barbara & Steve met little C, though I feel like Barbara knows little man already because she's been a faithful reader of Yellow Mango since I found out I was preggo. I just wish she would comment when she reads these posts, because I love reading the messages {Barbara- this is for your love!} :) 

Love those baby blues

Daddy & his little girl
{Clint is in BIG trouble with this cutie}

Barbara & little man....he was so content with her!
After brunch we headed home, but got a call from the Lynch's so we met them at Varsity while they finished lunch. The kiddos were off playing, except for Ace who couldn't wait to "feed" and "hold" Cruzer.

Love this pic - it looks like Aaysen is holding Cruz

Cruz: "Who's this guy?"

Crazy Ace feeding little man

Auntie Tess playing w/ little C
We sent the boys off to Sempecks for some afternoon bowling and the ladies {plus little man} headed to Village Pointe for a bit of shopping & fun. It's always a great time when Dayvaney is out with the girls and sharing her little girl wisdom. After hitting up a couple stores...and finding Day a gift for being so good, we headed to Brix for some wine, French baguette and Vlaskas Gouda {still one of my favorite places}.

Having cocktails at Brix

Found Day some "root" beer
{She kept covering the "root"when we took pics}
{This is her drunk face}

Passed out....probably not good to teach a 5 year old

Hanging w/ grandma Dianne

Day & auntie K enjoying our beverage

Such a great weekend. Looking forward to many more of these with our little C!


  1. Okay Katie - responding - loved the pictures. You obviously had a great day of fun while we were fighting the wind and rain home to Kearney. We had a great time seeing you, Nick and of course the beautiful Cruz - the the bonus - your mom. Thanks for the great time and the accommodations.

    1. Barbara Ann-
      Thanks for finally responding! :) Sorry we had to send you off for a multi-hour drive back home while we enjoyed ourselves. Next time you need to join us at Brix for some wine, cheese, bread and girl time! xoxo


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