Thursday, April 12, 2012

Today's The Day...

Little man got his helmet this morning. He hated it and his daddy & I were {are} miserable. This was by far one of the hardest days of my life....we hated seeing him so upset and crying and not understanding why we had to put that thing on his head. By the time I got him to day care and relaxing on the mat, he was giving me some small helped, but not as much as normal with the little whimpers mixed in.

We started today with him having it on for one hour at a time. Tomorrow we graduate to two hours on/one hour off {none during sleep}, Saturday will be four hours, Sunday eight hours + naps and Monday we start 23 hours a day.

I know...and I'm putting it into could be worse, so much worse. It's just that you never want your baby to hurt or be uncomfortable and that is absolutely what we experienced today.

Just say some quick prayers that he takes to it and quickly gets used to it. And while I'm asking for prayers, please say another that his has some good growth spurts and gets it off much sooner than the four-month average. xoxo

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