Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Couple Better Days...

I'm sure you saw my "woe is me" post from a couple days ago after the initial day with little man's helmet. I just feel like there is so much we should've been doing and trying so it didn't get to this point. I'm having a lot of mommy guilt over this whole thing...if he wouldn't have been laying inside me that way, if we had figured out something safe that we could stick in his crib to keep him from laying on his right side...anything to have prevented this. So as you can imagine it was a very hard day..mainly because I hated seeing our little guy so upset and hurting as he was adjusting to his new headwear. BUT I can tell you now that as the days have progressed its gotten much easier for the three of us. He is still his same happy little self {if not just a bit pissed after we initially put the helmet on}, but we are seeing his little smiles and giggles and he is figuring out how to roll from side to side a bit easier.

We haven't attempted tummy time yet...his head just seems too heavy...but he has been sitting up with our help. The schedule over the weekend was followed pretty close to what was given to us from the Orthotist {not perfectly by any means, but nobody's perfect, right?}. I attempted to put him down for bed on Sunday night, which was supposed to be his first night sleeping in his helmet and he fell asleep for about 1 1/2 hours and woke up screaming, which is unusual for him. I tried getting him back to sleep and it wasn't happening, so I made the executive decision, took the helmet off and rocked my little guy to sleep. Flash forward to last night and after we had taken the helmet off for our one hour of head kisses and cuddling time, we were supposed to put it back on before bed to attempt sleeping again. But we didn't. Fail. {Insert more "mommy guilt."}

I promised myself tonight we were going to do it, even if it means interrupted sleep until he can get adjusted himself. At this point, we've already started and we just need to stick to the schedule as much as possible, because the more we do, the sooner he will be rid of this awful little accessory.

What are the highlights of his helmet time? Well, we get to call him things like linebacker, boxer, and our little baseball player - because he does look like a little helmet-wearing athlete. And I've got some fun shirts being made celebrating his helmet-wearing, like "just fixin' my melon. not quite ripe." and "you should see the other guy." Oh, and of course, that his little head is getting better day by day which means he will be well-adjusted for the rest of his life {at least as well-adjusted as he can with the hubby and I as parents.}

So my crying over this situation has become limited and I realize that we need to make the most of this situation and in the long run we will all be better off because of it. And I don't care who you are...you have to admit, he does look pretty damn cute in this thing!

Floor time - of course the TV is catching his eye,
not his mommy making faces at him


Getting ready for some squash

Reading his favorite book - "There's a Woset in my Closet"

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  1. I think he looks cute. This has got to make him a "chick magnet". How are the girls at the daycare center enjoying this new look? Don't give in, the sooner it will go away.


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