Friday, April 6, 2012


Since finding out there was potential for Cruz to need a cranial remolding helmet, I've been digging around online and in the blog world to find out options to make his helmet unique...just like him. As I mentioned in a previous post {here}, one of the moms in the blogs I follow recently posted pics of her little cutie with a cranial helmet. I had to find out where she got it, it was so cute and different from everything I had seen. She quickly responded that they got her little one's helmet wrapped by Wrap Buddies. I immediately checked it out and was in love! Their work is super cute, but it's their story that is even more amazing!

The owner of Wrap Buddies has another company where he wraps Nascar helmets, etc. One day the father of a little guy who had a helmet came in and asked how much he would charge to have his son's cranial helmet wrapped. They had never done this before and he mentioned it normally costs $300-$1,000 to wrap Nascar helmets. The father mentioned that cranial helmets cost anywhere from $3,500-$4,000 and often times insurance will not cover the cost because they consider it "cosmetic."  He decided to wrap the cranial helmet for no charge and the father was grateful. Soon after word spread and his non-profit business, Wrap Buddies, was born. Now they have a "wrap party" once a month where parents can bring in their kiddo's helmets and get them wrapped for no cost. Such an amazing story and I'm so impressed when I hear stories of selfless people.

I contacted the company and found out that they do not have a partner in Omaha or nearby {they are located in Dallas}. Our Orthotist was very impressed by this organization when we told him the story and has reached out to try and become a partner where he will be able to wrap the helmets, prosthetics and wheelchairs for his clients. I am so excited that Wrap Buddies may be partnering here in Omaha so they can provide other parents with this unique feature to customize their children's helmets, etc. Unfortunately, he more than likely will not become a partner until well after we get Cruz's helmet. So.....

I'm trying to talk Nick into a family getaway for a couple of days to Dallas. On May 4th, Wrap Buddies has another wrap party and I really want to get little man the custom helmet he deserves. I also would love to meet the owner of Wrap Buddies and some parents going through the same thing we are experiencing. Keep your fingers crossed that we can make it work....

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