Sunday, April 22, 2012

Long Week...

This week is going to be's the first time I'm truly away from my baby boy for a full 48 hours and then some. Which means two full nights and two drop offs at day care. I'm traveling to St. Louis for work and while I know it's going to be an important meeting, I'm sad I have to leave my little guy {and the hubby} for so long. Plus it doesn't help that the hubby keeps telling me he's nervous about being alone with him for two days.

I know they will be great and Nick will do an amazing job. He is a great husband and an even better father. This will be big....HUGE. And I can't wait to see how great he does with little man.

Plus I've left quite an large and detailed list of things that need to happen {or will happen regardless}. As well as every outfit picked out, food on the counter & labeled and bath time necessities in their place...

I know everything will be great. I just hope and pray for lots of pictures and updates..because if anything I'm going to miss the both of them so much.

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