Friday, April 13, 2012

Our Little Guy: Five Months Old

Little Mango is FIVE months old!!

What has Cruz been up to?
  • Big News: It's been such a busy month with this little guy, but so much fun. He has finally started sleeping in his own crib and eating solids - both are going very well. He rolled over from his back to his tummy one night in March and then we couldn't stop him. Everytime he laid on his back, he was itching to roll over. Only once he went from back to tummy to back, otherwise he is on his tummy and whines until we roll him over! The hubby got the first laugh out of Cruzer and it's been up hill ever since. His laughs are the most amazing sound...ever!  Little man is a major fan of books and we read a couple every night as he soaks in the colors and noises.  He was Baptized at Bethany Lutheran (same church we were married) and celebrated his first St. Patty's Day and Easter. Finally, the biggest news of the month is that Cruz received his scans to check his Plagiocephaly and we found out he needed a day before he turned 5 months.
Getting his scan at Trust Orthotics

Baptism with his Godparents: Marc & Tessa

Reading his new book from Gma Carol

First Easter!

  • Eating:  Cruz was steadily eating 6 ozs this month and then graduated to 7 1/2 ozs - what a little piggo! He still eats every 3 hours when he's awake {and boy, will he tell you when it's time to eat}, but he is sleeping through the night so we give him his last bottle around 8pm-9pm and he's out until 5:30-7am the next morning. We also tried rice cereal this month - at first he wasn't a fan {not sure I'd like it much either}, but we tried it a couple more times and he was ok with it. We spoke to our doctor and got a couple more opinions and gave him sweet potatoes next. The plan is to introduce new foods, keep him on them for three days or so {to ensure no allergies} and then try something else. This is an exciting time!
Making a mess w/ sweet potatoes

  • Sleeping:  ahh, sleeping. Now this is a topic I love! He is such a good sleeper and is sleeping through the night consistently, even after we started putting him in his crib toward the end of the month. He even slept through a very loud thunder and lightening storm the other night, while the rest of us {the hubby, puggle & I} were kept awake by the noise.

  • Developments:  we didn't have a well check this month, but I jumped on the scale with our little guy and subtracted my weight {definitely not telling you that number!} and he is weighing in at 17 lbs 5ozs. Holy cow! It must be all of that formula he is chowing down on! Little man is sitting up so much better and is supporting the weight of his head. His Bumbo chair is our friend. He also loves our "Up" game - he grabs onto my thumbs and I pull him to sitting position and then to standing. His legs are getting stronger as well.
Holding that head up so well
  • Features: Little man's face has started filling out and he's got great chubby cheeks. He's got more hair {though the mullet hasn't went away yet} and stocky little legs. I swear that I can see him changing every single day.
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