Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fixin' His Flat

As far as an update on the helmet goes - we are making some progress.

  • Little man started wearing his helmet a full 23 hours last week...and boy is his little head sweaty, and to be quite honest, stinky after we take that thing off for our one, measly hour off each night! The hubby said that I should be prepared, because that is how baseball, football and all helmets little boys wear smell...its normal. It's not normal, it's smelly...gross.
  • Daddy and I are getting better at putting the darn thing on. I have to say it's quite hard to maneuver, especially with that cheek pad. You have to stretch it out at the bottom, scoop and swoop it on while making sure the cheek pad doesn't get too close to his eye. We can each take it off by ourselves, but haven't yet mastered putting it on on our own.
Loves playing with his toys
  • This past weekend, he made it out on the town with mommy in his new head gear. During our Friday & Saturday night dinners out - we used the time as helmet-free time, so when I had lunch with Tess & the kiddos on Sunday, it was all helmet - all the time. Thankfully Tess had prepped the kids that their cousin was wearing his "baseball helmet" so all the questions were answered by the time we got there. They were all great with him and like touching his helmet and checked it out.
Cousin Dayvaney entertaining Cruzer
  • First jerky question - so I was at the mall running errands with Cruzer and picked up a soda at the food court. The punk kid behind the counter asks "What's wrong with your kid's head?" My reply, "nothing, what's wrong with yours?" Ok, so I wasn't that smooth and I have to admit I was taken aback. Nothing is "wrong" with my kid's head, buddy. So after I stammered a bit I said, "nothing is wrong, we are just making sure his head is perfect." {note to self, prepare yourself for idiot comments for the next time, cuz there will be a next time.}
  • Best part? I have had so many mommies come up to me in the grocery store, mall, you name it and tell me the story of their kiddo in a helmet and EVERY story has been positive. These mommies are all but raving about the experience. All confirm that it was so much harder on them then the babies, but not one has said they wouldn't have done it again if the situation arose.
  • We haven't had a chance to get his helmet decked out yet, so I've made up with it by having some fun shirts with "helmet" messages. This has been Cruz's "thing" - he lets his clothes speak for him..
"You should see the other guy"

"Just fixin' my melon. Not quite ripe."
  • Is it crazy that we think we can see positive changes already when the helmet is off? Well, what do you know, did your kid have a helmet? I didn't think so. :) Regardless, we feel that we can see some small change...and that alone makes us feel better...


  1. Love the t-shirts Katie. He still looks as cute as ever - the head piece is becoming!

  2. Hi Katie and Cruz!
    Love the t-shirts! I wish I had one made for Nolan. Cruz looks adorable in his helmet. I can't wait to see how you are going to decorate it.
    Nolan graduated from his helmet last week...after 14 weeks of wearing it!
    We are SO glad we did it! : )
    The only downside is...Nolan just started learning it actually hurts when he bumps his head now that he doesn't have a helmet.
    good luck! we are cheering for you!

    Susan, Preston and Nolan

  3. Hey Katie! What a cutie you have there! At the hospital, we use rubbing alcohol on the inside of the helmet every once in awhile and it seemed to help a bit, but their poor heads just get so sweaty. I don't know if that's what they reccomend, but you could check it out!

    1. Oh girl - we have been using the crap out of rubbing alcohol and usually have to do it a couple doesn't help that it's been 80+ degrees that past couple days :)


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