Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Day Of Firsts...

Last Monday we decided we needed to start a couple of "firsts" with little man. At our last doctor's appointment, Dr. Shidler said it was time to let him try rice cereal and we were looking forward to it since people have been telling us how good it is for the babies and helps fill their little bellies up. Plus he has been scarfing down his bottles - 7ozs every three hours! We needed to do something to curb his appetite.

Well, we tried it and the verdict is....not sure we like it.
All clean and ready to eat!

First bite and not so sure

Most made it onto his face & bib...
after he pushed it out of his mouth w/ his tongue

Close-up of the mess we made
{Look at those little chipmunk cheeks!}

Then, in the spirit of trying all things new, it was time for his first night in his crib. Since we brought him home, we've had him in the pack & play on the side of the bed. I kept telling myself I was ready to move him out of our room...and then each night I would chicken out and put him in the comfort of the bed he was so used to. So I bit the bullet and did it. He was awake for a while, rolled over onto his tummy a couple of times and then I got him turned back over and he fell right to sleep.

Then, I may have curled right up on the floor next to the crib with a blanket and pillow and slept there the rest of the night.....I don't know what my problem is, but I wanted to be next to him in case he woke up. And I slept on the floor every night this week, while little man slept through the night every.night.this.week. I even talked the hubby into joining me the last two nights....
Laying restlessly in his crib

Rolled over in the corner of his crib

So on Sunday night {seven nights of sleeping on the floor}, I graduated to sleeping in my bed with the monitor so close to my head I could hear EVERY move little man made.

However, in the spirit of firsts, I suppose you can say we had three "firsts" over the course of last week!


  1. Congrats!!! I know it was hard for you, but it is all for the best!! ANd I can't even believe he is old enough to eat solids, stop growing so much Cruz.

  2. Yay solids! Welcome to the world of stinky diapers and messy kitchens!

    Tory likes rice cereal so we didn't have much of a problem, but maybe give oatmeal cereal (instead of rice) a try. It has a slightly different taste. I can't say it helped Tory sleep through the night better ... although Cruz has always been better at that than she ever was :)


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