Monday, February 27, 2012

We've Got A Roller!

I'm not sure if it was little man's excitement to watch his first Oscar's or what...but he was excitedly moving and playing last night on his floor gym, pulling his legs up toward his face and then it happened...and so quickly....before I knew it he had rolled over onto his side!

On Friday when I was picking him up at day care, he was in his crib laying on his left side and Ms Ida explained that he had rolled over on his own. Fast forward to tonight and it was like he's been rolling over forever...obviously I didn't catch the "first" rollover on film BUT I was able to catch him when he did it again and he didn't stop until he was finally ready for bed...and so tired! It's things like this that make me realize just how quickly he has grown and will continue to grow and change so quickly. Is it bad that it makes me sad, but also so excited at the same time?!?

Just playing under my floor gym

Pulled my legs up and leaning left...

...even farther...

I did it!

And I'm not ready to stop moving and squirming

Still going....

Almost a 360 degree scoot around my mat!

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