Thursday, February 23, 2012

Primrose Prom

Last Friday, little man has his very first prom at day care. Prior to I was wondering what I was going to have him wear because they mentioned we should dress them up. I figured I could find a cute little tuxedo t-shirt online or something fun. Instead, on Monday one of the other moms mentioned that she was going to buy a couple white onesies and make something for all the little guys in the room. I figured it would be a simple tie drawn on a onesie or something like that....but to my surprise she made a masterpiece...

She had taken a fabric marker and drawn in the look of tuxedo lapels and a tuxedo shirt, as well as a little bowtie which she made different colors for all seven boys in the room. To top it off she added a fabric flower on the front and then stamped "xoxo" on the little booty of the shirt. How cute!

So on Friday, we got little man dressed up in his prom best and took a few photos at home {we absolutely needed a memory of his first prom!}. I dropped him off at day care where they took a photo of little man and I in front of the prom back-drop. This was one of the days where I would miss a midday day care event for our guy because at 10am they invited all parents back to come for music, punch and cookies and lots of dancing with the kiddos. I had to be happy with the fact that most other parents could make it so Cruzer had many teachers in day care to focus their attention on him while we were at work.

When I came back at the end of the day to pick him up, he was still in full gear {no spit up issues!} and as we left they handed each of the parents a bouquet of flowers....I just love this school!

Big eyes!

Staring at daddy

Laughing at daddy's funny faces

"Would you like to dance with me?"

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  1. So cute! Sounds like you've got Cruz in a great school. And I love his tuxedo shirt - what a creative mom!


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