Monday, February 13, 2012

Our Little Guy: Three Months Old

Little Mango is three months old today! I cannot believe it's already been three months but on the other hand, it feels like he's been with us forever. Building our daily lives around him is the norm now. He is growing so fast and getting such a little personality. His big smiles melt my heart - so I do whatever I can to get one out of him!

What has Cruz been up to?
  • Big News:  earlier this month we were amazed when he started sleeping six hours through the night...but now, NOW he is sleeping right around eight hours and it's amazing! He also started grasping objects this month. It started at day care and I would get so frustrated seeing the reports of him playing with toys there but never at home, but then one night he grabbed a hold of one of his teething toys {no, not teething yet} and started shaking it around. And while he doesn't always grasp his toys, he will every now and then. Finally, our little guy has officially turned into the biggest flirt this past month. He seeks out the ladies and makes sure to turn on his biggest gummy grin whenever they are in sight. At day care, there was one little girl just his age and they caught him on the mat next to her playing with her toes! What a little stud.
  • Eating:  he is still a great eater - gobbling down anywhere from 4 1/2 - 5 1/2 oz every 3-4 hours. His gassy tummy has went away {thankfully} and now he is just the king of the big #2s. It seems more difficult to get a burp out of him and he is still spitting up more than normal.
  • Sleeping:  as I stated above his sleep has been getting so good and we attribute it to day care and getting him on a real schedule. He has also started putting himself to sleep - no more of the "cry until mommy/daddy picks me up and walks around bouncing me and patting my butt" routine. And he can fall asleep anywhere - in his pompesan chair, on his changing table, under his play mat - his favorite is sleeping in his car seat, but we try to keep him out of that as often as possible so he can stretch out.

Fell asleep on his tummy time mat doing his exercises
  • Developments:  I feel like he's changed so much from a month ago. He is filling out in the face {getting some chubby little cheeks} and getting longer. He's wearing 3-6mo shirts and 0-3mo pants and he's officially moved out of all of his 0-3mo sleepers.  Cruz has been talking up a storm and while it's mumbo jumbo at this point, you can definitely tell he's trying to get words out. He has started to notice his hands more and now he's been sucking on them- he's never been a fan of the pacifier so this seems to be his way to calm himself.  He continues to work on holding up his head, whether on tummy time or trying out his new Bumbo chair. Since last month we've been going to the physical therapist for his Torticollis {read more here, here and here} and doing his exercises to try and get his neck back in shape. We go back in three weeks and then determine if we need to do the scans and get him fitted for the cranial remolding helmet - I pray it doesn't get to that point. Not for the selfish "mommy doesn't want to see her son in a helmet" reasoning, but because it would break my heart to see him having to wear a helmet for 23 hours of every day for up to four months. And while they say it doesn't bother the child, it cannot be entirely comfortable.

Working on holding his head up in his new Bumbo chair

He loves his new tummy time mat and mirror!

  • Features: the verdict is still out on who this little guy looks like. A lot of people talk about how they can see little Nick in him but there are also times I think he looks like Aaysen, who is all Fuchser. I guess you can say he definitely has a bit of both of us in him.
Happy three months, baby boy!!

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