Sunday, February 26, 2012

Girl's Night Out

What had started out as a couple's night at the Angels Among Us wine tasting, quickly changed when I found out Nick was going to be traveling to Chicago for a poker tournament. Since I already had locked in my parents to watch little man that night, I decided I still need to get out on the town and immediately secured my girls for a night on the town.

I had wanted to dress up a bit for the event, but I wasn't in the mood to bundle up Cruzer and schlep him around the mall while I found something to wear, so instead I went "shopping" in the next best place - Tessa's closet. Little man and I headed over there on Wednesday night after I picked him up from day care {they were at a fish fry for Ash Wednesday} and I quickly found what I wanted to wear. BUT we couldn't leave without a little fun {especially since Tessa likes to leave her print at my place when she's there and we aren't}. So I put Cruzer on Kayden's bed and loaded him up with the kid's favorite toys {Aaysen's blue puppy, Dayvaney's moo cow and Kayden's Lion's pillow pet}, snapped some pics and sent them on to Chris & Tessa's phone.  Based on the immediate response I got, I think the kiddos were a bit worried that little man was stealing their favorite possessions.

Snuggling in Kayden's bed

The animals are coming with us!

On Friday, I left work early so I could pick up Cruzer and meet my parents at the house. Morgan & Kristen met us there and we headed downtown to Urban Wine Company. We had a great time sampling the wines, chatting and checking out some items to bid on in the silent auction. We narrowed that down to a couple & decided we would all bid on a wine tasting for 12 - we ended up getting out bidded even with our efforts of standing right next to the table and staying laser-focused at the bid sheet. By the time Britt got there, we were a bit giggly from the wine and headed to dinner at Hiro 88. Some great food and lots of drinks {and interesting conversation later}, we headed to Myth martini bar {only to realize it was a much older crowd than we preferred} and then made our way to O'Connors.
Britt & Kristen - showing off their mammoth orange & mini lime

From this picture you can see we were having a good time

Twin dresses!

Ran into my cuz Ross
It was a great girlie night out, but I have to say I missed little man like crazy and was happy to get home. It also didn't help I was hurting something terrible the next morning and had to go to work...

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