Saturday, February 11, 2012

Fun Day

I had a sick day from work yesterday....I tell you being preggo really messed up my body and made me become someone who takes off days at work due to illness - that NEVER happened before. In the afternoon I started feeling better but I didn't get back to myself until later last night, however, little man and I still managed to make it a good day.

We made a quick run to get me some drugs, so I bundled him up in his car seat and in his new baseball beanie {thanks Uncle Marc & Aunt Britt!} - and off we went. He obviously loved his new look, just look at the smile on his face!

Rockin' his baseball beanie

After we got home I managed to get some housework done in between my numerous trips to the bathroom and since I didn't want to leave him laying on his back all day or have to carry him in my arms {I needed those free for laundry!} I figured out how to get him set up in his Moby. I tell you this was quite the challenge. I brought up the instructions on how to wrap the Moby online and watched the "how-to" video. Then I practiced putting his stuffed owl in so I could make sure I knew how to do it {now that's what I should've taken pictures of!} and then did the real thing. He must've liked it because after about 10 minutes of flitting around the house -  he fell fast asleep.
Hanging out in his Moby
I woke up this morning feeling 100% better than I did yesterday...boy, am I happy. I fed Cruzer at 7am and then headed to the gym. When I came home, little man and daddy were napping so this is what I came home too...hilarious!

Napping w/ daddy - looks like a real little man
{All we needed was his hand down his pants!}

I let dad get some more rest and got Cruzer ready for the day. Of course he had to sport his Creighton Bluejays shirt {"Put me in coach!"} since his daddy, Nanu and uncles were going to the game and then he helped me get ready for work.

Go Bluejays!
I can't wait until work is done and I'm back home lounging with my two favorite guys.


  1. Love this lil man!!! He rocks that baseball beanie very nicely :)


  2. He is getting so big, thanks for keeping us "northwest" people in the loop with pictures!!!


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