Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Five Chicas & Four Little Men: A Night In Pictures

Five chicas, four little men, three costume changes {Patricia}, two types of wine {red & white} & one amazingly fun night...

It's not often that we can get these fabo ladies in the same room but we managed to plan a dinner date that didn't result in one {or more} of us going into labor. And this time we added four perfect little men to round out the night.

Jill met little man and I at our house and we made the trek to CB where we walked into Patricia's house full of yummy smells {this girl can cook!} and open bottles of vino. The talking, laughing and fun didn't stop the entire night. I miss spending time with these ladies but love it when we get together...I will let the pics tell the story of the rest of the night....

Love these ladies {& little Adler in Heidi's arms}

Little man winning over Jill

Shannon & Batman!

Heidi & Adler {she JUST had a baby in January....I know, you can't tell}

Liamo & Brekk

Sitting down to eat with our mini dinner companions
Cruzer finally met auntie Shannon

Brekken hamming it up

Shannon, Heidi & little man

Look at little those cheeks!

Faking conversation
{it would be more believable if Jill were talking into a beer bottle}

Hmmm that looks natural
Cruzer w/ Ms Cleveland Ohio {ie major cleavage}

Sorry ladies...just had to post this one .
{can we get one of them the pitchfork ala "American Gothic"}


My favs!
Fun pose

Our photog for the night!

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