Saturday, February 25, 2012

Little Man's First Professional Pics

It's about time, you say. Yes, these are finally the first pics we had taken of our little guy back in November. Shortly after Cruz was born I scheduled his first photos with our wedding photographer, Farrah Grant, who has since moved from wedding photography into infant pics.

The hubby, MIL and I made our second trek outdoors with our little guy just nine days after he was born. Farrah had a new studio downtown and when we got there it was so warm & toasty....just perfect to entice our little guy to sleep. We started feeding him and changed him, hoping he would fall right asleep {like normal}, but he was not having it. Farrah and I sat, walked and rocked little man but he was fighting sleep like you couldn't believe. Finally, after an hour he decided he would rest for us and at this point I was very anxious {& a bit sweaty} even though Farrah kept reassuring me that she dealt with this often. I made the decision not to take his diaper off {worried he would have an accident} and quickly regretted it as soon as we got the proofs back {I just wish I had some cute wrinkly butt pics}...

However, he took some amazing pictures which we made into his birth announcements/Christmas cards back in December. We had a couple of good ideas {baseball pic, etc} and looking at these now it makes me a bit sad to see just how much he's grown up in a few short months, but happy to see that sweet little face.

A baseball pic was a must w/ the hubby's family tree

Sweet sleeping face & little body wrinkles - love them!

Cuddling w/ a baseball

Just a little bug

It's a smile!

I'm amazed at how "bendy" these little kiddos are when they are in a deep sleep

Little baby in a basket

Back arch
I'm getting excited for our next round of prof pics which I think we will plan on taking around 6 months...I can't believe that is less than three months away...


  1. Well, not that you havent had a million things on your plate, but you put those up just short of "Morgan Time". Love them. Is it to late to order them or get a copy?

  2. Katie- glad to see you worked on this blog while me and Cruzer were having fun smiling back and forth at each other :) So happy you got these up before it reached "Morgan time" bc we may have never seen them otherwise ;)
    Love them all!!

  3. oh p.s. I forgot to put who wrote that last comment since I'm still "anonymous"



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