Tuesday, February 7, 2012

From Snow Storms to Super Bowl

Little man had a very busy weekend. On Friday night we met Tessa, Chris and the kiddos at Pizza King in CB for dinner and then hit up Blaker's basketball game at TJ {Blake is one of two sophomores on Sioux City East's varsity team and a pretty damn good player}. Cruz loved having his auntie Tessa cuddle and play with him for the entire game.

Nick hadn't been feeling great on Friday and it hit him even worse through the night and Saturday morning, so I stayed home from work and took care of our little guy...as much as I had stuff I needed to get done, I can't lie and say I didn't love being snowed in and hanging with Cruzer all day. Speaking of snow, we got dumped on all day Saturday - to the tune of at least 10 inches. While I'm personally not a fan of snow, it was so pretty how it stuck to the trees. We finally were dug out by 7pm so I ran and picked up some groceries for the Super Bowl party the following day. Cruz hadn't really slept but a total of 1 hour throughout the day {we had A LOT of playing to do}, so he zonked out abotu 9pm...and much to our surprise slept in until 6am....nine hours of sleep {click here}!

Getting pumped for the big game

On Sunday we hit up a Super Bowl party at Ross & Morgan's. Everyone was there and Cruz was passed around the entire night getting cuddles from his favorites. He even had time to play with his cousin, Dominic, who loved little man's tummy time mat. We had a great time even though all three of us were big losers on squares, the props bet sheet {how did I not pick that they would show Gisele before Peyton Manning or that Madonna would sing Vogue first?!?} and most of all my guy Tom Terrific lost.

Cruz & Dom

Our happy little Batboy
It was a great weekend where the main item on the agenda was hanging out with our favorite little 12 week old...

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