Saturday, February 18, 2012

Holy Nipples {Part Two}

All of my excitement from the initial feeding with the 3+ month nipples quickly faded at the conclusion of his "middle-of-the-night" feeding into early Friday morning. At around 3:30am, we sat in his rocking chair in the nursery and he was eating away. He ate so quickly that I didn't even get a chance to stop him for a burp in the middle - I guess in my sleepiness I didn't notice how fast he was chugging the bottle until I could hear him only gulping air {meaning the bottle was empty}. I prepare to lift him up for a burp but before I could he coughed and sent the entire contents of said bottle from his mouth all over his PJs, up his nose, in his ear, on me and all over the beautifully white chair in his room. Epic.Fail.

I make sure to get a burp out of him after this occurs {all the while inhaling the yucky formula smell} and then bring him over to the changing table. He had soaked through to his onesie and diaper so I stripped him down, wiped him off {body, inside his nose and all} and then diapered and dressed him in clean PJs. I quickly wiped down what I could of the chair {you will be happy to note that as of this morning there is no stain} and then brought little man back into our room for bed. I then changed my clothes and wiped off all of the formula I could and settled back in for an hour or so more of sleep.

Since then I am all eyes when feeding him. I'm burping him at least twice during feedings and once at the end and {knock on wood} we haven't had any issues since. Hopefully that will remain the case now that I feel we've somewhat mastered the new nipples...

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