Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Recent Purchases

As much as I hate waiting for my online buys to arrive, I absolultely love when I have a package waiting on the porch. Over the last week or so I've had two great packages to come home to.

The first is the Teamees baseball blanket I purchased from Totsy. I think this will be a perfect "blankie" for Lil Mango. As soon as I opened it up, I fell in love with it - it's the perfect size for a little guy and so stinkin soft!! I can't wait to wrap him up in it! I will say that Morgan gave me a great piece of advice - I definitely will need to buy at least one more of these. If this does in fact become his "blankie," I will need to have a back-up in the event I need to throw it in the wash or (God forbid) it gets lost. I'm definitely going to see if I can get lucky again and they will feature these on sale on Totsy for the 3rd time.....cross your fingers.

Teamees Baseball Blankie
The other is the OiOi diaper bag I ordered from Zappos. The process to narrow it down to one bag was a tough one - there are so many options and they are so expensive.  However, no matter how much I scoured the internet, I kept coming back to the black Silver Studded Hobo Sack from OiOi. I finally decided I needed to just bite the bullet and order it. A couple weeks ago I pulled into the driveway only to be met with a large Zappos box and I couldn't wait to check this bad boy out! I rushed into the house and ripped the box open, only to find the bag I wanted, but in silver...

I was disappointed at first, but after trying it on and checking it out in the mirror I decided the silver wasn't too after calling Zappos to exchange, they told me they weren't getting in any more of the black, so I really don't have any options.
OiOi Silver Studded Hobo

Different View
So......the big question is what do you think? Should I keep the silver or look for a different bag in black?

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