Friday, September 23, 2011

Feeling the Bump

Not a ton of time to type this morning, but had to share....Nick "officially" felt Little Mango kick last night and I love how excited he was!!

On the night of our anniversary in early August he felt Cruz kick for the first time but back then the kicks were much lighter and harder to confirm. Lately this baby has been kicking and jabbing like a mad the point where yesterday during our big presentation at work, I could see him kicking through my dress! Last night we were laying in bed and I was telling him about how crazy he was moving at work and he put his hand on my stomach and Cruz delivered a hard kick right in the same spot. Nick was in shock and couldn't believe how hard it was. I can tell he was impressed by the strength of our little guy.

I love little moments like that - it makes me feel that Nick gets a better chance to connect with Cruz when he can feel him move or hear his heartbeat. I have to believe it's hard for Nick to understand how "real" this is since he isn't going through the body changes and movements on a daily basis, so I'm happy when these things happens. And I love how excited it makes him!

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