Saturday, September 10, 2011

Two Major Purchases....At Least In My Eyes

I stayed up late last night to catch up on my at home to-do list....most of which has to do with all things baby and I knocked out two big buys. I ordered the Best Storytime Series Chair and my diaper bag!

We ordered the chair through Time For Baby (my friend Shauna's store) and I cannot wait to get this sucker in. The first time I test drove it was at Kids Stuff Superstore here in Omaha and is it ever comfy? I seriously could've sat and relaxed in that chair all afternoon, plus it just happened to be a day back early in the pregnancy when I was dead tired all of the time. It is a recliner, a rocker and it the back of the chair is high enough to rest your head (surprisingly many chairs I checked out weren't!). We ordered it in this plush white fabric and before you think to yourself - "OMG that chair is going to get severely stained very easily" - please trust that I checked into this and we'll be good. A great big thanks go out to my parents for buying this chair for us....I'm sure I will be spending many hours here and I'm very happy with our pick.

Best Storytime Series - Irvington model
And what could be more fun than the chair, you ask? The diaper bag, of course! I have spent time looking all over for the perfect diaper bag and have even made some purchases but after bringing them home and showing them to the expert (aka Tessa), I returned them due to not meeting my needs. I kept finding myself going back to the OiOi bag that I posted about a few months ago, so I finally bit the bullet and ordered it from Zappos last night. Obviously I like that it's black and the silver stud detail. It's got tons of room inside and I really like the wide crossbody strap. Another big's not too girlie and shouldn't embarrass Nick too much when he has to lug it around.

OiOi Silver Studded Hobo Sack

It's a good feeling to check a couple more items off my ever-growing checklist!

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