Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Pre - All Hallow's Eve

I know...

I've been a bad, bad blogger. I swear I have a reason.

His name is Cruz. And we've been going it on our own for the past few days and have too many more to count while daddy is gone for training.

But you know what? I've loved it. No, I don't love the fact that Nick is gone. Not at all. But I love that I have to leave work by a certain time each night. No stretching it to finish an email or a project. I have to be there to pick him up by a certain time...or else. God forbid I'm late. They charge like $25 a minute.

And it's so worth it. When I walk through his classroom door and he spots me. His eyes light up and he looks to his teacher and says, "there's my mommy! She's heeeeere!" And runs with all his little might right to me, arms stretched out, looking for a big bear hug. THAT is the best feeling.

At night, I've been loving it. I've put my work to the side for once and focus only on him...because I don't have the other parent to tag-team with, so I have to make the most of our few, short hours with just the two of us.

And it's been awesome.

We've colored for hours on our chalkboard. We've played trains until we couldn't "choo choo" any more. We've painted pumpkins. We've built some of the biggest, best forts. We've sprawled out and watched Halloween movies. And he giggles at them. Oh, and how much I've loved it.

I've got a really cool kid.

Speaking of really cool kid. He's way too cool to pose for a picture these days and getting him to pose for one is definitely not easy. So when I looked through my DLSR and found this one. You can imagine my surprise. This boy is the cutest.

And while I wish our Halloween costume would've worked (um maybe his mama didn't take into account that Halloween in Nebraska is cold), I still love that we captured this shot. He loved singing into that gold candlestick and running around the house. I mean who doesn't love a little Tom Cruise in Risky Business? Especially on a toddler.

Have the best Halloween. I know this guy and I will!


  1. Sounds like a cute week with your precious little guy!! That picture of him is ADORABLE!!!

    Enjoy what's left of the week xo

  2. I died when I saw that picture! I may have to steal that idea for next year. Sometimes our Halloweens are actually warm enough to pull it off!!

  3. Love that costume! So cute:) Happy Halloween!

  4. Building forts sounds awesome! Glad you two had a great week, wasn't it nice to leave work on time!?

    His costume is amazing, bravo!


  5. So cute!! He'll love this picture when he's older!

  6. He is just adorable! So great you get to have a little quality time with just him.

  7. oh my gosh, HOW cute is this!!!???


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