Saturday, October 12, 2013

23 Months!

What's New with Cruz:

Still sleeping like a rock star - goes to bed by 8:30pm and sleeps until anywhere from 7am-8am. Naps once a day usually going down at noon and sleeping for 1-2 hours. This past month I have noticed that he isn't as into rocking before bedtime, instead we read a book and after we're done he will often tell me "mama, I go bed" - I love that he is becoming more independent, but part of me misses our conversations and time while rocking him to sleep.

This kiddo has definitely developed an attitude about eating these days. He used to be such a great eater and would essentially eat whatever we gave him. Now at dinner, he will push his food around hit plate, onto the floor and just flat out refuse to eat what we prepare. He is definitely more interested in what is going on around him and you can tell he just doesn't want to miss a thing. Maybe it's time I start feeding him in a dark, boring room. =) I mean with my fantastic cooking ability he should be gobbling up everything I'm putting in front of him, right??  He has been loving fruit as usual, not loving veggies and eating steak, hamburger and chicken like a boss. Oh, and he loves his mama's egg salad and eggs in general.

Eating the gouda Mac & Cheese with papa
(I still crave this stuff)
{Little Helper}
While he has become independent in some ways, I also love how willing he is to help. Little man wants to be involved in everything we are doing - whether it be making dinner, folding clothes, cleaning the house, making the bed - he loves to help. And I love getting him involved in these kinds of things. I mean who doesn't love a little help when you are folding your third load of laundry of the day?? In regards to the egg salad that he just loves eating, he is the best at that. He will crack the eggs, squeeze in the mustard and help me stir it up.

Helping us pick out pumpkins

My absolute favorite of the month has been his new-found use for "who-ray!" (hooray). For example, after squeezing his nose for boogs the other night (which he hates), he shouted, "mama, we did it! who-ray!" It's about the cutest thing I've ever heard.

He is talking like crazy. Like I cannot even recall all of the words and phrases this kiddo knows. And I don't know where he learns them all! More on this topic to come.

After this he said, "mama, I dump it all out."
He loves - playing in the sand, running around the house, coloring, watching Mickey Mouse, playing trains or tractors, putting together blocks, going for walks/runs (of course he does, he gets to sit in the stroller while mama does all the work), sidewalk chalk, reading books and pretending to cook with bowls and utensils on the kitchen floor. 

His 2nd fun run! Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo
We have been working on getting him to play the game Memory. This was/is my absolute favorite game and I cannot wait to beat him play with him soon. Right now he just wants to turn over all the cards and it frustrates the heck outta me since I like them just so. =) We are also working on his flash cards, days of the week, counting to 20, spelling/writing his name and recognizing numbers. Right now he recognizes the number 1, 3 and 8. For some reason this kid is infatuated with the number 8.

Now these...these can go. Mama doesn't appreciate the tantrums. Case in point below. This is my sweet little boy throwing a tantrum in Marshall's the other day when I was trying to get him to pose for a quick pic so I could show his daddy a jacket I wanted an opinion on. He wanted And speaking of shopping, my favorite shopping buddy has started becoming a toddler tornado when we are out and about...unless I bribe him with something to eat, my iPhone (which he happened to throw onto the concrete floor during a fit at Hy-Vee the other day - fortunately it didn't break) or something else to keep him busy. Yes, I do bribe my child, however, I don't really care as long as it means I can get the grocery shopping done. 

Such a drama king

Little man is weighing in at 28.8lbs these days. He is wearing mainly 18-24 month or 2T clothing and size 6/7 shoes. He writes mainly with his right hand, but has been known to randomly color or draw with his left. He has started trying to undress himself and likes to pull his socks off and put them back on, along with his shoes. He runs more than ever and loves to dance. Unfortunately, both of these come with lots of meetings with his head to the floor. Let's just say he has his mama's grace.


I cannot believe that this time next month, our little will be TWO! How in the heck did the time fly by so quickly? I'm pretty sad that I no longer have my baby, but now a toddler! I'm looking forward to this next stage in his life, but will miss my little baby boy.


  1. Awww , love you little man . He wants to help , woop woop!

  2. So cute -- such a fun age, Jonah is starting to talk a lot too and I'm loving it!

  3. Oh yes the joys of toddlerdom. I mostly enjoy the talking. I also have issues playing memory. You turn the card over. You turn it back again to the same location and no in must be in a line. These toddlers. They must learn all about the beauties of OCD.

  4. new follower here...that picture with the huge pumpkin? the cutest!!

  5. I cannot believe this little guy is gonna be 2. I have enjoyed watching him change, especially over the past 6 months. You have a pretty amazing kid on your hands..

  6. How is it possible little man is 2 next month?!! Crazy! You've done a great job with him, he's the smartest (almost) 2 yr old I know!!

  7. He is so handsome! & nice work on your run you look awesome!!

  8. What an absolute cutie!! And you look great too!! :)


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