Friday, October 18, 2013

Love Lately {October 18, 2013}

It's that time of the week - FRIDAY. I don't know what it is but regardless of whether or not I have to work all weekend, its still nice to make it to Friday!

Let's jump into some of my faves.

Fall TV. Sons of Anarchy, Law & Order SVU, Grey's Anatomy and Shark Tank are my must-watch TV. Shark Tank is probably one of my most favorite shows ever to grace my television screen. I swear some day I will have an invention on that show - not sure what yet, but something...  If you haven't watched the SOA series, I highly recommend taking it up with your husband - we look forward to Tuesday night every week when we try to watch the newest episode together. And how can you not like Jax. I cannot believe I'm posting a pic of a half-naked man on here, but when Nick showed this to me, you know I had to immediately send it to my sis Tess so we could swoon over our favorite character on the show. It's our loss that he pulled out of the 50 Shades movie.

Speaking of Shark Tank, one of our local businesses was featured on the show (eCreamery). eCreamery is delish and definitely a fun treat when we are in the Dundee area...or when I make a special trip all the way there on a random night because "Cruz" wanted some of the salted carmel ice cream with crushed pretzels. Plus, check out these creative flavors made just for Shark Tank! Best part - even if you don't live in Omaha you can still order online and they ship! Plus you can customize a container for someone special as well as the ice cream in it.

Russell Stover S'Mores. Of course I'm the person who gets sucked into the in-line displays while waiting to purchase something at Target. And this s'mores bar was my latest splurge and it didn't disappoint. I've always loved S'mores, but I don't have a super cool fire pit at my house to make them whenever I want (good thing!) so this was a nice little surprise and tasted exactly like a s'more, without the charred marshmallow flavor.

Bacon pancakes.  I still don't know what the weird obsession is with bacon, like why people where bacon t-shirts and all, but I do know that I'm loving it lately. BLTs, with breakfast and in my pancakes. Huh?? So this picture doesn't do them justice, but these are the bacon pancakes our chef at work whipped up for us before serving them at a customer "pancake bar."  These below are the strawberry, pecan & bacon and just bacon with maple syrup. We also had blueberry and bacon. And each of them were beyond delish. If you can cook - which I cannot - I highly recommend you make these bad boys.

Date night. Nick and I are planning to go out on Sunday night to celebrate his new job and get a little "us" time before he leaves us next week for his four week training in Denver. Little man and I are definitely going to miss him.

Here's to yet another great weekend!


  1. Those Russell Stover smores look delish for an easy Smores treat and bacon makes EVERYTHING taste better! Have a great weekend and a fun date night :)

  2. I don't understand the bacon craze either! But all of your little treats sound SO good! Even at 8 am here in PHX. I want to order that ice cream online!! So cool that there is that option! I wonder how they package it so that it doesn't melt, etc?

    4 weeks without the hubs! =( Enjoy your date night and have a good weekend!

  3. I love me some Grey's anatomy. Haven't watched SOA before so maybe I will give it a try!!

    Enjoy your date night!!


  4. Russel Stover S'mores sound amazing! I need to get some for myself!

  5. Your posts are making me having a sweet tooth!! Who doesnt love the Mcdreamy's!?

  6. Four weeks without Nick?! GULP. That's going to a rough one. Hope the time flies by quickly. The salted caramel ice cream with crusted pretzels sounds to die for. I'm definitely going to have to try it the next time I'm back in Omaha.

  7. y'all are the cutest couple ever. love that pic. and i think my hubby would absolutely die if i ever made him a bacon pancake. who knew?!


  8. Bacon pancakes?!!!! Enough said. Enjoy your date night, pretty mama!

  9. Y'all are such an adorable couple! Popping over from 5 on Friday :) Have an awesome date night!

  10. Oh date night, I need one of those! Hope you enjoyed every minute!

  11. fun!! a date night, i SOOO SOOOOOOO need one of those with my hubby!


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