Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Junkstock Omaha!

Omaha yet again impressed with another cool happening in town. I was pretty excited that Britt and I figured out how to make a last minute trip to Junkstock work for us last Sunday during Cruz's nap. It was a gorgeous day and this old farmhouse was packed.

{The Food}
Of course my first purchase would be food. That's just the way I roll. There was a great food truck area with tons of options, but we opted for the giant corn dog (delish) and Indian taco. After an hour or so of shopping we had to head back for some kettle corn to go. Nick and Cruz wouldn't have forgiven me if I didn't.

{The Goods}
As the name implies, there was tons of junk. But you know what they say, one man's junk is another man's treasure. However, I'm not much into junk, so we passed through quite a few vendor tents, but there was so much other great stuff to sort through.

This would look great at my parent's farm. Too bad I wasn't looking to spend $375.
It's as if this chair was just sitting there waiting for me to scoop it up. So I did.
It will look great with a brightly, colored throw pillow.

Loved these signs, but wish they had the "love" on the white board with black lettering.
I may have to order it.

A girl I used to work with owns County Line and she does letters & numbers out of old tin roofs.
I have this "m" on order, but with no rust. I think it will look great in our entryway.
Our haul

What a fun little find - can't wait to check it out again in April to see what we may have missed!


  1. Those signs and the letter M are so pretty! Take a pic of your entryway once you put it up :) seems like a fun place to spend the day!!

  2. how fun is this?! i totally want to go! love it!


  3. Mmm I could go for another one of those corn dogs!!

  4. So glad you posted about this! I was going to go, but ended up changing my plans last minute- but I plan on hitting up the spring one. Were the prices pretty reasonable?

  5. That looks like so much fun! We have something similar around us called "scenic drive". This year I spiked some apple cider and brought that with us...made it that much more fun!

  6. Those are great finds! I love love the tin roof letter!

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  8. The tin roof letter is my favorite!

  9. I can't wait for next year already :)

  10. FUN! Mn does something like this too, but the name of it has escaped me right now....

    looks like you had a blast, the sun looks to have been wonderful as well! :)


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