Monday, October 14, 2013

Our Weekend

Ha. I saw this on facebook and thought it was the best thing ever. Not that it's true, I mean I can't be going to the bar every day, but sometimes I wish I could.

Let's get onto the weekend deets, shall we?

Little man woke up sick Friday morning....definitely the barky, Croup cough. I hate that from just hearing it we can diagnose him ourselves, but I suppose that's what you get when you have a little guy who has been sick a lot in his short life. Thus, he stayed home from daycare yet again and that made for a very relaxing night once I got home from work. We may have went to my bed to snuggle and do breathing treatments around 8pm and both of us were sound asleep by 9pm.

Since we were supposed to have family pics, but had to cancel because C man was sick, it meant that most of the ladies in the Manganaro-Gardner clan were going to be in town so we felt a ladies night was in order and invited a couple other gals to join us.

We planned dinner at Salt 88 - can you say delicious goat cheese rangoons and Joe Geez flatbread with vino and great girl talk? I'm down for that every day. Afterwards, we headed to Red Lounge for more cocktails. However, this old lady started to get tired and when I realized I should call it a night because any more drinks and I wouldn't be good to drive, Kristen and I headed home.

Blurry photo but look at those beauties I got to hang out with!

Cotton candy for dessert - um, yes!
C man decided he was going to wake up early, so that meant my headache joined us. Fortunately for me it didn't last much after a cup of coffee and it was play time. During his nap, I snuck away with Britt for a last minute trip to hit up Junkstock. We had never been but I've heard it's awesome and I'm always down to check out new things in our city. So glad we did and more to come on that later.

Of course, the first thing I bought at Junkstock was food,
but this was the best corndog ever.
Earlier in the day, I told Nick to get some guys together to watch some football somewhere. The poor guy was stuck in the house all day Friday and Saturday with our sick boy...and I was so thankful he did it without whining. Lord knows that's never fun.

So last night Cruz and I planned a BIG playdate that included running upstairs and downstairs no fewer than seventy-two times, coloring, playing tractors and trains, writing letters, racing cars on the kitchen floor and cooking dinner in his manly kitchen. After his bath we ended the night with a Peter Pan's Lost Boys-style fake smorgasbord feast. He started with pretending we were eating treats by scooping these different things off the floor into his "bowl" and sampling each others made-up goodies - dipping our fingers into whipped cream, spooning up cold ice cream, sampling each others cookies and then we ended with a hot cup of coffee. He knows to stay away from our coffee because it's "really hot" and decided he was drinking "really hot" fake coffee. Then I started pretending I was too and I can't tell you why, but we ended up laughing and giggling and having the best time. I know this entire paragraph sounds just plain cuckoo, but I think it's times like this that you make the best memories with your babies.

Loving his new Elmo bath towel

As I finished typing this, Cruz woke up. He walked over to me and said, "mama, I want to watch Spun-Bob." It was like the heavens opened up and angels sang...I never thought I would hear anything else out of his mouth, but "let's watch Mickey Mouse" for as long as we all were living.

Happy Monday y'all.


  1. this is so adorable!! your posts about your baby boy make me want to have a kid (and most days i dont want them!) spun bob :) lol

  2. haha! I would imagine watching the same television shows on repeat would be incredibly draining!! Glad Cruz is feeling better!!

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog and so glad I found yours now. I love it. Your son is precious and love reading the updates!

  4. Cotton Candy and Corndogs....mmmmmm!!!! :) Found your blog through the linkup!! Hope you stop by and say hi! (

  5. That sounds like such a good girls night! Your play date with Cruz sounds adorable. I can't wait to have children and create those little memories :)

  6. Katie - were you channeling Miley with your corn dog?
    Barbara Ann

  7. One ... I want to check out Salt 88, where's it out? And two, I just did a post on Junkstock! Can't wait to see yours! I had so much fun! I definitely got some good ideas :)

  8. I'd pick Mickey over spon bob any day!

  9. Aw glad he's feeling better. That elmo towel is so cute!

    I'm actually headed to Omaha with a girlfriend this weekend for some fun and shopping and then Sunday I have a work thing. Is there anything big going on we should know about?!

  10. i am loving the sounds of that playdate!!


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