Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Rule of Three

Some people out there believe this exists. That things - good or bad - come in threes. Deaths, births, you name it. I'm not sure I necessarily buy it, especially based on this bout of BAD luck we've had with our vehicles this past week. Because this shit storm came in fours.

Let me just fill you in.

It all started with Nick's truck. He had a small crack in his bumper (is the front thing even called a bumper? I don't know but you get the picture, right?) for quite some time. Last week when he was pulling into the garage, he ran into the side of the garage with the cracked part of his bumper. Well, I'm sure you can guess what happened next, but if not I will tell ya. He backed up but didn't realize the cracked area was stuck and all but pulled his entire bumper off his truck.  Well, $1,000 (yes that is a one with three zeros) later and his truck is good as new.

Ok, that in itself would've been plenty, I mean $1,000 can buy a lot of shoes, so you can imagine I wasn't too pleased. When we were away this past weekend and our to dinner, we came out to a truck that wouldn't start. Nothing big just seemed like the battery, so my dad jumped it and all was well. However, we mentioned we needed to get a new battery asap or have it checked soon so it wouldn't happen again.

Flash forward to Sunday and we were picking up our puggle from West Point, when Nick mentioned to Duane that his door handle was a bit loose. Between the two of them, they decided Super Glue was the obvious fix, however, when applying the glue, it of course dripped (as it always does) and is now all over the outside of his door. Like on the actual truck. Not sure how you get Super Glue off a truck, but I'm sure we will figure that out soon enough.

The piece de resistance of this whole situation....

On Monday, Cruz and I were getting ready to run errands just as Nick was heading to meet someone and wouldn't you guess it - his truck wouldn't start. Easy fix since my car was next to his in the garage and we had jumper cables handy.

You would think so.

However, jumping a car isn't exactly easy when someone (I won't name names here, but let's just say it wasn't Cruz or myself...) attaches the jumper cables to MY car's fuse box. Yes, not to my battery, but my fuse box. All of the sudden my car shuts off and black smoke is billowing from the front. And it won't start. It didn't even turn over.

This is what happens next....

You are paying for a tow to the dealership and a new fuse box. Lord knows this won't be cheap.

And that, my friends, is how our bad luck came in fours.  Has this happened to anyone else? No? You don't say....

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  1. Ha! I Just posted not too long ago about my three bad things that happened. So sorry it was four for you!!! I bet you could google ways to get super glue off though... I feel like online sites have answers for everything!!

  2. OH NO!!! Awe man, well I believe with all bad luck comes a burst of good luck. You deserve it after all!

  3. Oh my goodness!!!! This is terrible -- drink lots of wine my friend!!

  4. OMG!! Hopefully something good happens soon

  5. all of that bad luck just means something REAAAAAAAALLLLYYYYY good is coming. Wait for it!

  6. Well you should be good for the rest of the year... :)

  7. Oh my gosh! What horrible luck! I think you need a large glass of wine... also you shouldn't have any more bad luck after this!!

  8. oh wow that is just awful!!! it always seems that when one thing goes wrong you should expect a billion other things will too. that happened to us last year, our fridge died, we decided to redo the whole kitchen, our appliances came WEEKS later, and then later in that month my husband got into a car accident that we had to pay our deductible for (which we still havent gotten the money back) and then on top of that ALL, he didn't get his bonus money from his previous employer when she told him it would be coming (the reason why we opted for a whole kitchen re-do in the first place!)

  9. Oh man....things definitely happen in threes!! Sorry this has happened to you. C'est la vie, huh?

  10. Yikes! Hope your luck turns right around. I totally believe in the rule of 3's so here's hoping you're through the worst!


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