Friday, October 11, 2013

Love Lately {October 11, 2013}

It's that time again...Friday! No, I'm not off this Friday like I was last week, but it's been a pretty great week so far, so I'm in a good mood anyway. And a little fun fact, on this day 13 years ago I started dating my husband in college (definitely just aged myself here). Yes, we may have had a break up in there somewhere, but damn, I cannot believe we've been together this long. How have I has he put up with him me???

Anywho...let's just jump into the things I'm loving this week.

Birthday festivities. I love the event planning portion of my job and that carries over to my personal life as well. I have loved birthday planning for our little man (see last year's party here) and this year is no exception. After searching the city high and low, we finally settled on having his party at our house. Boring. Maybe. Except you don't understand all the hoopla and surprises I have in store. I would share the theme, but too many people in my life read this little blog and I want it to be a surprise, so for now all you get is his invite. I love how these turned out and best of all? I made them myself! So all I had to do was hit up a printer and get them mailed out.

Miley Cyrus' Bangerz album. No, I do not love Miley's recent performance on the VMAs or anywhere else for that matter (I think she looks just plain ridiculous), but I am LOVING her new album. Like every single song. I may just take up twerking because I love it so much. Ok, kidding. No one wants to see that, like ever. This white girl can't dance. And to be honest I don't even know what that is.

I also don't know what is up with her tongue being out all the time either. Is this supposed to be hot?

Cozi calendar. My sister just introduced me to this great app - am I the last to know it existed? Basically it stores our family calendar, shopping lists, important dates, etc, all in one easy to access location. It beats having to email Nick a list of my work schedule and other happenings or worse, take the time to write them all out on a family calendar at home. Instead I add them to our shared calendar and any of us can access it no matter where we are! Plus, no more making a last minute trip to the grocery store and realizing I forgot the list at home, because it's all stored in the app. That way both of us can add items we need and whoever makes the run doesn't forget a thing. Now that is awesome. What are you waiting for - sign up now! You can thank me later. =)

This guy. I seriously can't get over how much I enjoy every little thing about this nugget. He has quite the personality - case in point, all week he has been telling me, "mama, me and Mook are gonna pick up babes" because that's what his uncle told him at the wedding this past weekend. How seriously cute is that? =)

tee found here

Family photos. I am a photography nut and love capturing moments in our life, so it should be no surprise that I'm excited for our family pics tomorrow with the extended Manganaro-Gardner clan. However, as is the norm, I haven't finalized what I'm wearing will obviously be a game-time decision tomorrow morning. Nothing annoys Nick more than waiting around for me while I try on multiple outfits, simultaneously yelling how I have nothing to wear.

And there you have it.  I hope everyone has the most amazing weekend!


  1. Lol I can't stop looking at Miley's tongue - so gross! Your invitations came out great :) I use Cozi for blog planning and I love it! I use the journal portion of it and write down any ideas I have. It's an awesome app. Have a good weekend friend!

  2. I haven't finalized an outfit either- blah. Glad you signed up for your cycle classes, you will love it when outside just isn't an option. Happy Friday love!!

  3. that shirt is hilarious!!!! and i have to admit...i LOVE miley's new song "wrecking ball." i turn it up when it comes on. sooo i might have to check out that album :)

    found you on the linkup...excited to be a new follower!!!


  4. did you happen to catch Miley's documentary {if you want to call it that} on MTV last week sometime. i have a hard time trying to figure out if its all a show and she's brilliant or she's just that lost. don't get me wrong her music is great and can't help but turn it up when it comes on but some of her antics {like her tongue} i don't know if they are calculated for shock value or really her. Either way her name is in the new and its helping her record sales!

    found you on the link-up :)
    Sami @

  5. Wait your an event planner?!?!?!?!? I just started following you recently so I'm just now seeing this!! That is my major and I LOVE it!!!!!!!

  6. That t-shirt is hilarious! I got a good laugh! Oh Miley. Love her music but since her little stunt at the awards show I have lost interest in her, but I might just have to check out her album. She has had great stuff in the past! Have a great weekend!

  7. First of all, happy Friday! Thought this day would never get here! I can't believe you and Nick have been together for 13 years!! Wow.
    I love the birthday invites, was happy to see one in my mailbox ;) I'm curious as to what this surprise theme is...just tell us already! Can't believe Cruz is going to be 2 soon..and my husband is taking him around at weddings to "find the babes", leave it to is super cute to hear him say that though!
    At least you don't have to figure out an outfit for pics anymore :( Hope Cruz gets to feeling better soon!
    Have a great weekend lady!

  8. Truth - there is nothing more disgusting than Miley's tongue. Have a great weekend! xo - Morgan

  9. ha that gif of Miley's tounge is too good!! Can't wait to see the party reveal!

  10. Haha that pic of Miley is too funny!! Good luck party planning, so fun!

  11. New follower...I have a little boy myself and I am from South Dakota. I love finding bloggers who are "close" :)


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