Thursday, October 17, 2013

Birthday Wish List

It is that time of the year....Cruz will be TWO in less than a month and I can hardly believe it. I don't know who is more excited, him or me? I love love love birthday parties and I'm having the best time planning his. Hopefully he appreciates it. =)

I've had tons of people asking what to get Cruz and since his birthday is so close to Christmas, I wanted to put together his "wish list" of things he wants or better yet that we feel he would love. With no further adieu.

Cruz's Wish List:
  1. Teepee from Land of Nod & Etsy
  2. Toy Organizer 
  3. Toy Organizer Cubes 
  4. Columbia Snowsuit 
  5. Puma Tracksuits - Cruz lives in these come fall/winter, they are perfect for comfort at daycare and lounging around the house. However, we never spend more than $20 on them at Marshall's, TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory
  6. Mad Pax Backpack - Later Gator Half Pack
  7. Trendy Kids Percy Suitcase 
  8. Boon Bath Toys - Creatures & Water Bugs & Bubbles 
  9. Fishing Rod - Abu Garcia Ike Dude. I have no idea if this is a good one, I just liked the way it looked. =)
  10. Tackle Box - Wormgear. Same with this, no idea. (Maybe Nanu will have to pick this gift up since he's the fishing pro.)
  11. Boon Groovy Plate / Catch Bowl 
  12. Disney Movies - at this point we have none and I think it would be fun to start his collection of fun, boy Disney movies. There are so many great ones out there!
  13. John Deere Motorized Tractor 
  14. Little People Flip Books - currently he has a Mickey Mouse & Noah's Ark flip book and loves them! There are a bunch to choose from and I know this mama would like to change it up a bit. It gets a little old reading the same books every night.
  15. Brain Quest - he loves the set of flash cards we have right now that work on colors, shapes and animals, so let's tackle his vocab!
  16. Step Stool for the bathroom sink

Back to the party - do you think I can get away with doing another cake smash? I just don't think he got after his 1st birthday smash cake as much as he should have.... I was expecting a little man covered in cake and I think this year he would absolutely destroy one. =)


  1. Love the Land of Nod teepee. So cute! I think a 2nd birthday smashcake is absolutely acceptable... Let him have at it :) Happy Planning...

  2. I have been needing one of these! Krew's birthday is so close to Christmas too so it's hard not to over do it! I love all of these!

  3. I love this entire list!!! We love snagging Puma track suits at Marshall's, too ;) I will never buy them full price, but they are super perfect for winter months.

  4. ha the teepee and the backpacks are so cute!!!! i hope you get them :), i mean cruz :)

  5. AW so excited to see all of his party pictures! That teepee is adorable and I know he will have fun in that. My nieces and nephew spend hours playing in theres!

  6. Tory's getting a suitcase for Christmas from Santa. I like this little penguin one! She also has the Little People Go To The Zoo flip book and it's one of her favorites. Def recommend!

  7. Love the little red barn!! Brings back MeMOrieS!!! Hope the door still moos when you open it!!

  8. you HAVE to add Monsters Inc and Monsters University to the start of his DVD collection!


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