Monday, October 7, 2013

Little Family Getaway

Is it Monday already?

We spent the weekend eating, drinking, celebrating and just chillin' with our family. If you would ask me about my ideal weekend, it would involve all of the things I just mentioned. So you can understand that we had a really kick ass one.

That's why this Monday is not easy. The only reason I'm getting through it is because it's my normal day off and that means I have time to just relax with little man at home and decompress after a great weekend. But I would love to be back reliving the past three days, and maybe slow it down a tad.  These are seriously the best days - he is so much fun and Nick & I needed some us time too.

What did we do, you ask?

Well, we went on a very mini vacay. Like when I say mini, I mean we drove two hours to Norfolk, NE. If you haven't been to Norfolk, there is really no reason to. Is it a bad place? Not at all - just not a ton to do except what we did - we rented a room for two nights, hit up a wedding, went swimming, ate a ton of bad-for-me-but-tastes-oh-so-good food, drank plenty of cocktails, got to see some of our family and got to spend countless hours with my two main men. The pumpkin patch didn't happen due to unreasonably wet and cold weather - I'm not much for getting dirty or muddy, so I made sure we stayed away. (Yes, I realize I'm a boy mom and muddy, dirty is inevitable, but I will try to control it while I can.)

Friday morning started off with a roadtrip with this little guy. He was cracking us up the entire way - how did he get so funny? Well, I suppose when you have funny parents, it's inevitable, right? Kidding. =)

He rotated between, "mama, are we der yet?" to "look at that!" while pointing crazily out the window. We also practiced our numbers and I loved having the opportunity to wow Nick when he zoomed right past "10" and knew some of "11-20" - not really in order, but hey hearing him say "eleben" is just about the cutest thing ever.

I'm the slow drinker out of the hubs and I, so I fixed myself a cocktail (that's what Camelbaks are for, right?) while he was stuck with a Bubba filled with ice water. If you know my husband, you know it didn't take him long to catch up once we got to the hotel. Side note: my cocktail of choice was Ketel, water and Mio, the blueberry/lemonade one. And it was awesome. You should probably check it out for yourself.

We surprised my niece Sophia by picking her up at school (her face was priceless when she spotted Cruz & I) and DeLaney showed up with my parents, so we spent the afternoon swimming, swimming and more swimming. I haven't spent this much time in a pool since I don't know when and it was so much fun. We rotated from the big pool to the "bathtub" as Cruz referred to the hot tub.

We hit up this little steakhouse and I had high hopes for a good meal. I mean when I find a building that wows me, I expect the food to be good. This place had exposed brick, dark beams in the ceiling and a great atmosphere, but it was extremely dead on a Friday night. That didn't bode well. While I was enjoying the vino and eating off the kid's plates (the gouda mac & cheese was bomb!), everyone else was stuck eating subpar steaks. Not a good sign for a steakhouse. Good thing I prefer to eat off the children's menu and went from sneaking bites of their food to my cup of beer cheese soup - I was pretty pleased with my meal. And the best part - the kid's meal was only $1. YES a dollar. I didn't think you could get anything for a dollar anymore.

Cruz loved the gouda Mac n Cheese too
We spent the rest of the night back at the hotel - adults drinking beer on the patio of our room overlooking the pool while the kids played.  THIS is exactly what I was looking forward to when becoming a mama because I remember my parents doing this when we were little. And it was everything I imagined it would be.

Until this little drama king came out to play. This was his pose when I told Laney was leaving and it was bedtime.

Saturday morning was spent lounging at the hotel, swimming some more (Sophie and I did our "pool exercises" since I was too lazy to go to the gym), eating, drinking, watching some football in the hotel bar/restaurant before having to get ready for the wedding.

Since the reception was at our hotel, we headed back to the bar until the reception started. This consisted of more cocktails, Cruz running wild around the pool tables, the ladies playing some Megatouch and the biggest wine glass ever.

 How adorable does this little guy look? I guess it isn't too bad having to dress a boy. I'm loving his "skinny" H&M jeans - they were a tad too big, but are going to look great in a couple months.

We really had one of the best weekends that we've had in a while. So much so that I also swore off alcohol...again.  Well until next weekend that is. Does anyone else do this? After a really good weekend, you tell yourself no more drinking, but deep down know that you will in fact drink in a mere six days as soon as your Friday rolls around? I myself seem to do this weekly. =)

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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  1. Awesome weekend! You looked beautiful for the wedding :)

  2. Love weekends like this! And yes, Cruz is a little stud. I need to get all the shopping for boys tips I can. H&M is now on my list:) Thanks!

  3. Looks like you guys had a blast, I have not been swimming in an indoor pool in ages, I can just smell the chlorine now!!! And of course the Mango family looked great like always at the wedding.

  4. You mean Norfolk isn't the best town ever?!! How dare you! ;)
    Glad you had a fun mini vacay! I had so much fun dancing with little man, he's the best! The family pic is gorgeous...someone knows how to take good pics ;)
    Thanks for making the trip!

  5. I was actually in Norfolk on Sunday for an antique show! Did you stay at Divots?!?! But glad you had a mini getaway even if it was Norfolk :)

  6. What a fun weekend! I LOVE Cruz's outfit...what a ham!!

  7. You guys are so adorable and it sounded like the weekend was PERFECT! I miss that about living back home.. missing weddings, get together's with family, etc. Jealous!!

    P.S. I swore off drinking too.. AGAIN! I left it out of one of my previous blog posts.. when we went to dinner with my brother in law and new gf.. I am a light weight.. and lets just say it ended with Tim gagging me and forcing me to vomit (the most loving thing he could do at that time).. sorry for the TMI.. But at least I found another person that swears off drinking too. =)

  8. Sounds like a perfect weekend. What a cute family you have! -NY Rachel

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