Friday, November 8, 2013

Love Lately {November 8, 2013}

Well hello there. My name is Katie or better known as MIA. As in I've been MIA from this little ol' blog for much longer than I would care to admit lately. While I miss it, I have been very busy single parenting and planning the biggest 2 year old bash imaginable (ok, the biggest two year old bash I've ever thrown, how about that?)

Let's get on with it, shall we?

My 'almost' two year old!  As Cruz's 2nd birthday is almost officially upon us (next week to be exact), I can't help but get a little sappy looking back on his pics from the past two years and how much he has changed and captured our hearts. Check out this adorable little dude!

You can also find his monthly updates here.

The bash. Tomorrow we have approximately three thousand people (or at least it feels like it) coming to our house to celebrate Cruz man. I've been working on decor all week, we get our new sectional delivered today and will put the finishing touches on everything tonight. I love this part of being a mama.

My man. I'm picking up Nick from the airport today and we are going to surprise Cruz at daycare this afternoon.  I don't think Cruz or I could be more excited to see him! This is week two of him being gone for training for his new job and it's easy to say we are missing him something fierce. But we made sure to stick in his mind with fun little pics and videos like this all week:

Sweets and treats. I fully intend on gorging myself on cupcakes (thanks to auntie Morgan), Nothing Bundt Cake and candy all weekend long and I'm not even sorry about it. I mean, I've basically been doing this since Halloween last week, so why stop now?

The freakin' weekend. My weekend officially starts on Friday like the rest of you all for once and I'm loving it! I get to skirt out of work a tad bit early too. Can't beat that!

Hope you all have as much fun as I know I will this weekend!


  1. AHHH those pictures are too sweet :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Cruz! Looking forward to a birthday recap!

  3. Happy Birthday to Cruz!!! I hope you have a wonderful weekend with your WHOLE family! I bet it will be great to have Nick home!

  4. Yay to a normal weekend!! Yay to my little C turning 2!!' Can't wait to help celebrate!!!

  5. Happy birthday to your little man! I'm sure he will love his party!

  6. Good for you girl on getting an actual real weekend!!
    It's fun to look at the month by month pics and see how he's changed, love it!
    Can't wait to help C man celebrate tomorrow!! Can't believe he's turning 2 :)

  7. Welcome back, lady! Happy birthday to Cruzer this week!! I can't wait to hear all about his party! I think TWO is my favorite age by far so look forward to many more fun time ahead with your little man.

  8. i hope the party went well and i cant WAIT to read all about it!!!

  9. I LOVE those monthly update pictures of Cruz! I may have to steal a similar idea when I have a kiddo. Happy early birthday to your cutie :)

  10. Happy birthday Cruz - you have single-handed successfully taken over the Manganaro household. Can't believe you have such influence. You have great parents and hope you can continue to captivate them.

    Barbara Ann


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