Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Our Favorite Things: Twelve to Fifteen Months

I've really enjoyed looking back on the lists of our favorite things. Every item brings back good memories or our little man and makes me thankful for the happy boy we have been blessed with.

Without any further adieu... here is another edition of our Monthly Favorites.

12 - 15 Month Favorites:

  • Playtex Sippy Cups - the best sippys we've found by far and we still continue to use these. They are easy to clean and best of all as long as you have them put together correctly and tightened (which I generally don't), they are virtually spill-proof.
  • Safety 1st Baby Proof - we loved this entire line, however, were most impressed with this one for the toilet. It may not look the fanciest, but it really saved us from fingers slammed in the toilet seat, many different types of toys and other items being dropped into the toilet water as well as keeping little man from sticking his hand in that grossness. Definitely a must have.
  • Munchkin Snack Containers - we tried out quite a few different containers and found these to be the best. The lid is soft on little hands, but they keep snacks contained the best as well. We use these for dry foods, cut-up turkey dogs on the go and grapes or blueberries can oftentimes be found in ours.
  • Plum Fruit Shredz - can you say yum? Not only did Cruz gobble these up, but I loved them as well and if there happened to be a random package in my bag, you can guarantee I ate them. Plus, they are from our fave brand, Plum. Loved virtually all of their foods.
  • Welsh's Fruit Snacks - these were the best "oh shit I forgot to pack a snack and need to stop at the gas station" go-tos.  Not that this happened to me (only like once a week), but little man loved them and they weren't greasy like I found some other fruit snacks to be. Plus, the package is big enough to share with mama.
  • Cloud B Twilight Turtle - this is a great nightlight and noisemaker/sound machine for Cruz's nursery. The light can be adjusted to different levels of brightness, it has music & relaxing noises and a timer, which shuts off after a certain amount of time. He loves to look up from his crib and see the lights dancing on the ceiling, I really think it's soothing to him and he has to tell me as soon as I lay him down, "mama, turn turtle on!" It's super cute and we obviously use it still to this day.
  • First 100 Words Book - little man loves this board book. Bright colors and great pictures. We started using this to learn colors and animals and now it's gotten to the point where he can go through each page and essentially "reads" the book to us, because he knows what each item is on every page.
  • Safety First Convertible Car Seat - we moved Cruz to this seat right around one year because his legs were dangling over the edge of his other one. We had narrowed our research down to this one and the Britax, but after speaking to our daycare's owner (at the time) who is a well-known pediatrician in our area and who has also done a lot of car seat research, she told us that one of the engineers from Britax went to Safety First with the goal of recreating the popular Britax model, but making it more affordable. Even knowing that we did not want to skimp on safety just for a lower price item, she still recommended this one. We love it and have one in each car. 
  • Mickey Mouse Plane Ride-On Toy - Cruz got this as a gift and it was one of the best presents ever. He still uses it to this day and he's almost two. It had so many awesome features: very colorful, moved easily when pushed or ridden, the seat lifts and stores four shape blocks and the propeller moves with the push of a button and lights up while Mickey talks. Plus, the propeller is made of foam, so it's very soft to the touch. Very cool toy.

Well, there you have it, another edition of our favorites - 12 months to 15 months. What were some of your favorite things during this time?

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  1. Most of these are our favorites right now! I haven't put anything on the toilets yet though, I should probably get on that this weekend!

  2. A few of these items are going on Cole's Christmas list!! The mickey ride on toy for sure. And C better love those Welch's fruit snacks, they are dang good!!

  3. Glad to see the Mickey toy made the list!! :)

  4. We LOVE those sippy cups!! I will have to try a few other things like the snacks! I am always looking for good snacks that aren't empty carbs...ick! :) Happy Wednesday!

  5. Somebody got my daughter that 100 words book for my baby shower. She's not even 6 months yet but it's nice to know that she should enjoy it in a few months! new follower! xoxo

  6. I'm going to need to try those fruit shreds, those look right up Kenley's alley. :)


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