Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"You're Trying What?"

I have heard this exact phrase from Nick more than I'd care to admit.

Yes, maybe I like to try some different things as it pertains to various parts of my life, generally food consumption or my diet.  Like what, you ask? Well to name a few, like trying Gwyneth Paltrow's seven day Goop detox back in 2012 (and stopping after day 4), jumping on the super food bandwagon (this is legit, Nick just thinks it's not), filling the fridge with bottles of sparkling water to help curb my love for Diet Mt. Dew, compiling lists of good-for-you recipes and filling drawer after drawer in our kitchen because I know I'm just going to start making these at some point.  See? Just a few.

Since the end of May I have had a really poor diet, loads of stress, a half-assed exercise schedule and I've probably drank more bottles, er glasses of wine than I care to admit.  I just don't feel like myself. So I  knew I wanted to do something to jump start my health back in the right direction or I was going to continue to feel unlike myself, crabby and have very little energy. But I kept telling myself "next week" and we know how that goes.

So that brings us to the reason for this post.

I had heard about the Suja Cleanse a few months back. At the time, I didn't have the chance to fully look into it. Then it started popping up all over, in some of the magazines I read and blogs I follow.  I took some time to check it out and read some reviews to better understand it. My body has just felt crappy lately and I want to flush out the junk and get back to fueling it with the good stuff. This seemed to be just what I was looking for.

I decided the three day cleanse was the route to go - just enough time to detox, but not too long that I would go bat shit crazy. Let's be honest, these will probably seem like the longest three days of my life. (I'm a bit dramatic, remember?)

Here is where you insert a "you're trying what?" from Nick when I let him know what these next three days were going to have in store for all of us me.

The juices are a bit expensive in the scheme of things, but when you realize that each averages about two pounds of straight fruits and veggies, that makes sense. Fortunately, our Whole Foods had them in stock (and on sale, score!), so I didn't have to shell out $60 for shipping.

Here is what my day will look like.

I will check in each night to let you all know how things are going. Let's hope this cleanse cleans the yuck out of me and puts me back into a better mood. And let's also hope I don't eat my hand in the process...


  1. Good luck, can't wait for the review!!!

  2. Can wait to hear about it!!!

  3. Good luck lady!


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