Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Talking Up A Storm

I love hearing the sound of little man's voice...and the fact that he is talking up a storm these days makes me love it even more. This kid is crazy awesome. He is actually talking in sentences...that we can understand, not just the mumbled gibberish that we have to pretend to understand. 

Granted I'm not trying to pretend he's in full on communication mode and speaking eloquently while using big words or anything, but the kid just amazes me with how he picks up on what we are saying and then we hear him using those same words minutes later. And in context!

His most recent word - 'another'. Just the other day we were on the patio looking at airplanes (we spend a lot of our time doing this these days, I'm sure our neighbors are thinking we are just a weird family of three who stare up into the sky for minutes at a time) and then switched gears to practice colors using one of said neighbor's blue swings. He turned around to the other neighbor's house and pointed at their swing set and said "mama, anuhdah swing?"

Seriously, it just blows my mind when he does things like this.

And we are practicing other words as well. When I ask Cruz where he is from, he says, "Ohmhaa, Braska." When you ask his name, he loves saying, "Cruz John (and then almost silently) Manaroh" I think because Manganaro is just so darn hard to say. Honestly, buddy, don't worry. I don't think I said it right for the first four years I dated your daddy either. Too bad I couldn't wise up and find me a Smith or something.

Just when I think he can't get any smarter than he already is, he throws one of these out there (see video) and I remember that he still is just my little guy who just loves to talk about "poo poo."

This video was taken at Kona Grill the other night after he made a big numero dos in the big boy potty. We were all celebrating pretty loudly and he just wanted to join in on the excitement. Who can blame him, I get pretty excited when I poo poo too. :)

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