Thursday, July 25, 2013

Getting My Cleanse On: Day Two

So...yeah. Um this right here is what my "lunch meeting" looked like at work today.

Are you kidding me?


Day 2:
I woke up Wednesday morning feeling good...not how I expected. I expected a growling stomach and a growling Katie rampaging the house for some food. And I really thought I would have taken up sleep walking over night and wake up to find myself hands deep in a bag of baked Doritos. But that didn't happen either. Maybe I do have a tad bit of willpower.

And although my wake up time was 4:36am, I felt rested and alert. I jumped on the scale, not because I've been trying to lose weight with this cleanse, but I was curious and have wanted to share my entire experience because I know some people do them to lose weight. I was down 0.9 lbs from the prior morning. Nothing earth shattering.

I cracked open my first drink of the day at 6:50am after a glass of hot water and lemon. I'm not going to go through all the dirty details of the day, but to give an idea of how I felt. I completed the first drink on my ride to work, but the rest of the day I found myself having trouble finishing the entire bottle of the rest of the juices. I also found myself drinking more hot decaf tea with lemon throughout the day.

Lunch was a bit difficult (did you see the picture above??). If you know me, you know I can clear out a bread basket like no other. Seeing that bread basket and the yummy cake staring at me as I was chugging down the Purify juice was not easy. I'm proud to say I didn't cave one bit.

Once I got back to work from lunch, my hunger took over. And I'm not sure what it was about the afternoon - I must be a snacker - but I caved again and ate a peach. I needed something of substance and that did the trick.

I worked straight up until 7:15pm and then had to rush to a day care appointment to meet Nick & Cruz. On the way I sucked down part of my Vanilla Cloud and almost finished it on the way home. After taking care of some work emails, I called it a night.

How I felt:
  • Tired - I had many yawning spells throughout the day and seemed more tired than usual despite how I felt early in the morning.
  • Hungry - I definitely had hunger spells. My stomach growled loudly but really only when I didn't get to my juice on time because of a meeting, etc. I think if I would've been better at sticking to my timeline and finished the entire bottle, I wouldn't have felt this way.
  • Jealous - Nick was at home with Cruz all day and took him to lunch at La Mesa (my fave Mexican restaurant) - of course he had to send me pictures. Really?! And then later that night after an appointment with a prospective day care, he stopped at Firehouse Subs (my fave sandwich shop) for those two AND I had to feed Cruz his sandwich. I may have muttered some angry words under my breath at that point. Did he not realize how unfair that was? :)
  • Tempted - I think I walked over to my pantry no less than 10 times when I got home. Looking for what, I don't know. Or better yet, why? I don't know that either. I would walk over, open the door, take a look, shut the door. Repeat. 
  • Clean - I feel differently inside. Just good. Clean. I can tell that I haven't been filling my body with junk - Coffeemate in my coffee, complex carbs, junk food, wine. That is the best part of this whole experience. Well, that and the fact that I haven't caved yet and binged on a box of donuts.

All in the day was not bad. I'm proud of myself for sticking with it and happy with the way I feel. I don't notice dewy skin or a silky, shiny hair that I've read some people experience, but let's be honest, my skin is already a bit oily and my hair is drier than a bird's nest. I don't think a fifty day cleanse could help that.


  1. Alright dirty details!!! Bathroom stops???

    1. Not one on the first day...can you believe it? You know me and you know that's not normal! :)


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