Friday, July 26, 2013

Getting My Cleanse On: Day Three

And onto Day Three.

Again, woke up feeling great. Not hungry, full of energy. Then I got into my car and realized someone (not me) had left it on empty and I was going to be late for my first meeting. {Enter crabby Katie.}

7am - I drank Glow on the way to work and all but finished it.

10am - arrived to work and was over the car / no gas situation and started Fuel (one of my faves) but didn't finish the last drop until 1:25pm since I was busy in meetings all morning. I was hungry at this point, but that's because I missed drink #3 Purify in there somewhere. Not the biggest loss since I'm not a huge fan of it, but I did gulp down half right after finishing the rest of my Fuel.

I spent some of the afternoon setting out taste test cups of the juices for my co-workers to try. I have to admit I quite enjoyed the looks on their faces as they tried to make it through some of them. This provided me much amusement today. It's the little things, people.

Around 3pm I started Fiji and finished about half of that before I couldn't handle the celery, cuke and lemon taste any longer. I will say one thing with Day Two and Day Three versus Day One - I'm not sure if I was giving the juices more credit on the first day, but by Day Two it was evident I was not event the least bit a fan of Purify or Fiji. Although, I did manage to drink them because, let's be honest, it was the only thing I had!

I drank half of my Green Supreme on my way home from work around 7pm and got into play mode with little man as soon as I walked into the door.

Another cave happened when I cut up some fruit for Cruz that night and I had a couple pieces, not a full piece of fruit, but I definitely ate some of it. (I've gotta be honest!) And I about crumbled when I was making him and Nick a PB&J sandwich (chef extraordinaire right here) and he kept bringing me half of his sandwich, saying "peanut butter, mama?" When I told him no, he had the saddest little face that I had to fake eat it.

Then I pulled out my Vanilla Cloud - the last juice of my 3-day cleanse - and enjoyed it while Cruz climbed all over me asking me if he could have some "choco milt" too. I gave him some and he must've liked it because I got this face:

Don't mind the blurry photo - I'm too lazy these days to use anything by my iPhone

I started feeling really tired after putting Cruz to bed, so I finished up some work emails and then called it a night.

**For those of you who have asked, I weighed myself again on this morning and was down 2.4 lbs total. Again, it wasn't about the weight loss for me, but more about just detoxing and cleaning out my body that I was going for.


  1. Very interesting! Definitely not a weight-loss method as it's a pretty big commitment with few lbs. shed (I know you weren't cleansing for weight loss, but I was thinking for post-baby time).

    Were there any, um, unpleasant digestive side effects?

    1. It was definitely great to kick start me back into healthy eating and curb my growing appetite. It wasn't a major weight loss method but where I think it could help after pregnancy is getting you back on track once you are able to start working out. I doubt you are anything like me but I ate so many sweets and desserts when I was preggo that it would've been nice to do this right after to help stop that nonsense.

      In regards to digestive side effects, what I was most surprised with is that I am a pretty regular girl, like at minimum once a day kind of girl. With this I didn't go at all on the first day and did once on day 2 and on day 3. That was surprising to me.

      Let me know if you have any other questions - I'm doing a quick recap post today on some dos and don'ts that I experienced.


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