Saturday, July 6, 2013

Everything A Country Concert Should Be..

If there is anything that gets me in the mood for summertime, you better believe its a tailgate and a country concert. And not just any country show, Kenny Chesney and Eric Church, to be exact.

It's no surprise that our group loves us some Kenny Chesney. So when we found out he was playing Arrowhead Stadium in KC, a little road trip was a must. 

We headed down Friday and were greeted with a nice little amenity in our room to get the weekend started. We then proceeded to try to drink our way through the 'nice little amenity' before heading down to see Love Pump at VooDoo. Best.80s.Cover.Band.Full.Of.Overage.Men.In.Wigs.And.Eyeliner.Ever. (Ok that was a bit much, but the band really did rock, literally.)

Vodka, wine & Patron.  Um, yes please.
Nick & I slept in Saturday morning - yes, we slept in...and it was glorious. Then it was off to the stadium to get in line for the best tailgating spot. And we got three of them, smack dab in the middle of the lot surrounded by thousands of other crazy, cowboy boot & daisy duke wearing, country music fans.

The girls
The guys and games
These guys got classy with their groupie t-shirts
There were tents, yard games, grills, large speakers blaring music, Jell-O shots, coolers full of beer, grills full of burgers, more Jell-O shots, porta-potties, beer bongs and more cowboy hats & boots than one could ever imagine. It was magical. But then the storms came...

I've never seen so many "thisclose to being wasted" people scramble to pack up their shit quicker in my life. We all piled into our vehicles just in time to avoid the downpour. I have to say this was some of my favorite time of the whole weekend. Only the best memories come from the unexpected. And, boy did we do some unexpected. 

The guys were all crammed into one vehicle and the rest of us ladies were split  between the other two. Shots were passed through the windows to each vehicle as we cheers'd to the weekend, along with bottles of various other liquors and I'm pretty sure some Mexican dip & Fritos made it's way into our truck...and didn't ever make its way back out.

The rain did eventually let up...just in time for us to head in and catch the tail-end of Eli Young Band. Eric Church was next and I have to say I've never been the biggest fan of his. I just didn't know much about his music. But let me tell you, girlfriend is a fan now. He was a great performer, not to mention pretty hot in his ragged trucker hat and aviators.

Right at the end of EC, the rain started up again. Thankfully we found these fancy ponchos sitting on someone else's chair and stole, err I mean, borrowed them.

Then just as if rain Gods were listening to our prayers, it stopped and the night was gorgeous. And then Kenny came on stage and we rocked out to every single song. 

The last time we saw Kenny, I had just found out I was preggo and had to fake drink the whole night. So while that show was great, it's so much better when you have a good buzz going on. 

Arrowhead has never seen this many cowboys. Walking into the stadium to our seats.

Eric Church performing. He has definitely made a new fan in me. Can't believe I didn't take advantage of all of the times we had him playing at Stir Cove during the past 6 years.

Bathroom break. What's wrong with making the bomb squad stop what he's doing to take our photo?

Kenny's fans
Eric Church has a song called, "These Boots." Everyone had their actual boots in the air. I got back to our seats and see this. Nikes in the air? Eh, close enough. Although "These Nikes" doesn't really have the same ring to it.  (Yeah, ladies, that's my man. Allll mine. Hands off.) 

And some more photos for your viewing pleasure.
Blurry and a bit fuzzy. Kind of like the whole day.
I'm pretty sure Mook was excited about 'Big Star'
Hands down his fave Kenny song.
Maybe not his best pic...but the man owned the stage.
Rained out family shot and a photobomb.

Oh, and I almost forgot. This also happened....

Yep. It's a blow up doll. And a very holey on if you know what I mean. I promise we didn't bring this little gem, it found us. Kory just chose an interesting pose in which to pick it up to hand it back to it's owner.


  1. LOVE everything about this post! Such a fun weekend (even though the rain ruined the tailgating). Like you said...the best times come from the unexpected!!
    Can't wait to go again next year! This girl is a new huge fan of Mr. Church now too!! :)

    1. I had such a blast that weekend! Definitely need to make sure we get to Kenny every long as he's touring!

  2. wow... looks like A LOT of fun!!! i tried to nab tickets to the kenny/mcgraw/eli young band/zac brown band concert that is here this weekend in the twins stadium but tix sold way too fast and then got WAY too spendy!

    1. I hate when that happens - brokers seem to buy up all the good seats. You will definitely need to catch them the next time around!


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