Monday, July 22, 2013

Weekend In Pictures

Another great summer weekend in the books.

I absolutely love Cruz at this age and he continues to amaze me with his growing personality. He is just turning into a little man right before our eyes.

This weekend started a bit early for me, on Friday to be exact. I had the day off work for our Angels Among Us golf outing at Tiburon. Nanny J had to cancel because she was sick, which put me in a bit of a tizzy right off the bat wondering what we were going to do with little man for the day. Thankfully Grandma C saved the day and dropped everything to drive to Omaha and watch C man. (She is so, so good to us.)

While we were waiting for her to get to town, I took Cruz on my morning run. I can't tell you how different it is running while pushing a stroller with a growing 25+ lb boy in it, but he definitely made the 45 minutes breeze by with all of his questions and excitement at the birds, deer and water....except that is when he decided he needed to "iisten" to mama's headphones and stole them for the remainder of the time.

The day only got better from there. This is what I was doing at 11am. Yes, drinking an ice cold beer at 11am on a Friday can only be described as um, well, awesome. (Remind me of this when I get to Saturday and the fact that I was deathly hungover all day at work.)

Our family and friends have helped us put together a couple of teams every year for the tournament since I started on the Angels board almost six years ago and each year we have a kick ass time. This year was no exception.
Tessa's wound from the day
The dream team
L to R: Grammy J, moi, mom & Tessa
We continued to drink our way through 18 holes and by the time we got to the last few holes, our team had grown by 4 more and there may or may not have been some inappropriate "dropping like it's hot" over the cup on the last couple of putting greens. 

The awards banquet was next and our table had the honor of sitting with Colton, one of the kiddos who has been affected by cancer. What an amazing little guy he was. He and I hit it off and were fast friends - having cheese and tomato eating contests and talking about meeting up to play golf sometime soon. I cannot wait to find some time to get together.

Most of the group headed to Shevy's (our favorite little watering hole) afterwards for more cocktails and shenanigans, which resulted in dancing, karaoke'ing and a massive headache on Saturday morning. Nothing a Firehouse sub and an extra large soda couldn't cure.

While I was at work, the hubs played in a softball tournament and little man spent the day with his cousins and Grammy and Nanu - they went out for donuts, checked out the fish at Bass Pro Shops, went to the movie Turbo and then swimming. You can imagine Cruz had a great day.

On Sunday, Cruz and I got up early to check out Gretna Days and our guys playing some softball. These are the days that bring back great memories of my childhood and being schlepped all over northeast Nebraska for my dad's slow-pitch softball games.  I loved running around and playing with my friends back then and couldn't have been happier to see Cruz doing the same yesterday. One of the other guys on the team had a little guy just five days younger than C, and they didn't leave each other's sides.

I can't wait for a couple more of these great weekends while the summer comes to an end. This is exactly what I envisioned when I found out we were having a little boy....well, maybe without the inappropriate dancing on the golf course, but you get the idea.

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