Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Weekend Recap

Ahhh...I love the glow of a great weekend on Monday morning. (Granted I realize this is Tuesday, but I forgot to hit 'publish' yesterday, so let's all pretend. K?)

We shipped little man off to Nana & Papa's on Friday for some farm fun since I had to work all weekend and Nick was playing in his first softball tournament in 5 years? 10 years? I'm not really sure but with all I've heard about how sore he is you would think he's never thrown a ball in his life. And I've had to shell out no less than 17 shoulder massages since Saturday. And he doesn't even like my shoulder massages, so you can imagine how bad it must have been.

Nick and I were able to sneak in a little "us" time on Saturday morning. When I mentioned I wanted to go for a run and invited him along, I didn't think he would say yes in a million years. He's just not a runner. But to my surprise he did. So we laced up our Brooks and headed to Lake Z. And it was gorgeous. Afterwards, we went to breakfast. Just like the old days when breakfast was one of the only times we could be guaranteed to see each other.
Our morning view
On Sunday, we drove to Emerson to visit my parents since dad's birthday was last week and to pick up little man. I haven't been home in forever...and when going back home is something I love so much, you would think I could make a little more of an effort.

Whenever I got home the song "Back Where I Come From" by
Kenny Chesney plays over and over in my head. I love my hometown.

We started off lunch with the fam and of course had to invite Auntie Carly & Brent along since we were in their neck of the woods. Our meal consisted of all the greatest fried foods you could imagine - fried cauliflower, cheeseballs (a fave of Cruz, Laney...and let's be honest, mine), cheeseburgers, pizza, french fries coupled with some pitchers of beer. All of the stuff one shouldn't eat, we managed to combine it all into one meal. And it was glorious...while it was going in my mouth. Five minutes later, I was miserable.

Brent, little man & Carly at Sidelines
Golf was the next order of business and I have to tell you I love golfing at my parent's course. It's never packed and we were able to bring the little kiddos with no worries. And they loved it. Running around in the grass, playing with their own golf clubs, driving the carts and snacking on popcorn and Gatorade.

Golfers in the making...

We oftentimes found Cruz in this position - drinking his juice.  Mom of the year stuff over here - letting him drink so close to an open beer.

 My guys...

Up, papa, up!!

Nana & papa with their littlest grandbabies.

He was not happy that I picked him up. All he wanted to do was run!

Happy babies, sharing snacks and giggles.

We drank so much beer had so much fun on the golf course that we ended up crashing at my parent's place on Sunday night. I have to say it feels a bit rebellious to have a boy in my childhood bedroom, even at the ripe young age of 32. The next morning C did not want to leave his papa & nana or the tractors, cows, Ollie the yorkie. That is, until we bribed him with a sippy full of milk and a little Mickey Mouse Clubhouse in the truck. Then we couldn't get him out of there fast enough.  Yes, we bribe our child. You would too if you saw his heartbroken face after hearing he had to go bye-bye. And who am I kidding, mama needed some quite time. She had too much Busch Light on the golf course the night before.  :)

Papa and his boy

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. Great pictures! Next time I'm going golfing instead of working!!

    1. I definitely needed some help from you on my golf game that day! Wasn't one of my bests on the Wakefield course.

  2. Awe the cuddle pic with his papa is precious!! Haha busch light!! Total small town girl! ;)

    1. You know it! An ice cold Busch Light hits the spot, especially while golfing!

  3. Love it! How fun you got to bring the kiddos golfing with you. That's the way it should be ... running around, drinking beers and soaking up the sunshine (that's my idea of golfing at least).


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