Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting My Cleanse On: Follow Up

I woke up Friday morning, the day following my three days of cleansing and felt absolutely amazing. My head was clear, I felt lighter (if that makes sense), I was rested and felt like I could go run a marathon (instead I stuck to a couple workouts from my Beach Babe DVD since I was running short on time).

While I was getting ready for work, I chugged a bottle of water and then grabbed a hard-boiled egg - my go-to breakfast. It was fantastic.

I missed you, little buddy

I wanted to ease back into normal eating, so I packed a container of fruit for my mid-morning snack. Lunch was a meeting in the buffet (no wonder I eat badly, I have two buffets, cafes and steakhouses at my disposal every day) and I filled up on a salad with loads of veggies and may have snuck in a crab rangoon. :) I was beyond stuffed.

I definitely noticed that I wasn't as hungry as normal and didn't have the urge to grab a snack in the afternoon. For dinner, I had a piece of sea bass and bread from the steakhouse (see? a long day at work meant eating two meals there) - while I'm very lucky to have this perk, it's very tempting in a negative way.

After work I met my bestie, Angie, who was in town from Houston for a couple drinks and then met Nick, Cruz and the fam at Tony & Marcy's BBQ and let me tell you after a couple glasses of wine there...THIS girl got sick as soon as I got home. Like hovering over the toilet sick. :(

A couple of things about the cleanse:
  • Drink the juices cold…and I recommend quickly
  • As of Friday morning, I had lost 3.5 lbs, although I wasn’t doing this to lose weight, just as a detox 
  • Like it states in the directions, if you are a caffeine drinker, definitely don’t have any one to two days prior if you can help it. I did one day prior but had a big headache end of first day and morning of second.
  •  Drink tons of water – sometimes I milked the juice and it took an hour or so to drink and I should’ve been drinking water in between.
  •  I recommend doing it during the work week – if I would’ve been on it on my days off I would’ve been too tempted to cheat.
  •  I did end up having a piece of fruit each day – the first two during the afternoons and tonight it was when I got home from work
  • If you enjoy imbibing in a cocktail or two as I do, I definitely recommend easing back into it...or you too will be hovering over the toilet in no time.
About the juices - I definitely have my favorites after drinking these bad boys for three days. And I've decided some are just plain terrible but you can still manage through them. My scale of judgment is based on whether or not I would purchase these outside of the cleanse to drink them. The first three? Absolutely. The last three, um I would rather do without.
  • #1 - Vanilla Cloud
  • #2 - Fuel
  • #3 - Green Supreme
  • #4 - Glow
  • #5 - Fiji (this is a close tie for last place)
  • #6 - Purify
Would I do the cleanse again? Absolutely - I would consider doing this quarterly or if I get back into an eating rut, it definitely set me back on track and made me feel great.

Ok...this is the last time post about this damn thing. Sorry for boring you all!

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