Monday, July 15, 2013

20 Months Old!

Twenty months old! Happy day, little man!

What's new with Cruz...

Eating - overall he eats really well, but still seems to be getting more picky than usual. We've figured out how to make him eat certain foods, like chicken, other meats, some veggies...dip, dip and more dip. Whether it's grilled chicken dipped in applesauce or hard boiled egg dipped in yogurt. If he can dip it, he's usually bound to eat it. I've also tried reintroducing him to berries, specifically blueberries and strawberries. If you remember a few months back he was having an allergic reaction to both. When he ate them the outside of his mouth would break out in little red bumps for about a day. This month, he's had both and seems to be doing ok with them.

Sleeping - still good on this front, as long as he has his normal routine (here). One nap during the afternoon for about two hours and a 9pm bedtime keeps him sleeping in until 8am, which is perfectly timed to when nanny J arrives for the day.

Toys - he is all about swimming and water, so his new pool has been a big hit. He also has a floatie he uses in the big pool that he loves as much as us - he gets to splash and float around and we have our hands free for an adult beverage or two. He got his first baseball mitt and ball and set of golf clubs. I'm not saying we have the next Tiger Woods on our hands here, but the boy can connect a plastic golf club to a plastic golf ball better than most adults I know. If only he would learn that it's a "golf club" not a "bat" like he runs around calling it.
This kiddo has a better tan than I do. Not.Fair.

Words - the best of the month was when he spent an entire day fake burping for J and then would say, "I burp, 'cuse me." He may or may not have learned that from me the prior day when I burped while we were driving in the car and we both laughed so hard about it. Man, I'm a classy one. He's also added more colors to his language - white, pink (pint because he's not quite good with the k's yet), purple, black and brown. As well as started calling us mommy and daddy instead of mama and dada. Nick wasn't a fan of daddy, but I thought his little "mommys" were too cute. And of course he is copying everything we say, so he's picked up "be right back", "see you soon" and "here we go" to name a few.

Travel - let's not get excited here, it's not like he was jet setting across the US. Instead he had a couple trips up to good old northeast Nebraska to spend some time with my parents on the farm and with grandma Carol and D in West Point for the 4th of July. Mom & dad helped us out one weekend and Cruz is ecstatic anytime he can get to the farm to see the tractors and cows...and, of course, nana and papa. He also got to spend tons of time with his cousin, Laney. I absolutely love that these two are just under a year apart. They love playing together and saw each other not once, but twice this past month.

Speaking of cousins, his baby cousin Cole was born this past month and he is just the sweetest, little nugget ever. We just cannot wait to watch them grow up together.

The only place in America where little people can run free on a golf course
Cruz's first 5k - West Point Fun Run on the 4th

Potty chair - yes, we have officially broken out the potty seat this month and are slowly working on potty training. He tells us sometimes when he is going "pee pee/poo poo" so we decided that when he says this we are going to strip him down and stick him on the chair to see what he does.
He is going to hate me for posting this pic when he's older.
Parenting fail - He may or may not have also had his first drink of vodka this past month. Okay. He did. But it wasn't on purpose. He's just too quick for us. And no, this isn't the vodka drink. I'm not THAT bad of a mama to make him pose with the drink for a picture. This is him loving his Gatorade. He rode around the golf course like this most of the day.

 Until next month!

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  1. ahhh vodka!? what'd he think of that! i love the picture of him on the potty chair!


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