Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Now Onto the Fun Stuff...the Nursery!

Whew....the realization that I'm having a baby boy has finally started to sink in and I cannot wait to start buying everything we are going to need for the little guy! I've got some great ideas for the basics, but now I need to move onto one of the most important areas for him, which will be the nursery!! To me, this is a huge area of focus because this is the room we bring him home to and that he grows up in for the first few years of his life....and I want it to be perfect!

To be honest, most of the ideas I had for a nursery revolved around a little girl's I've got to switch gears and get on the ball - I'm going to create the best nursery that I can for little Cruz.

Of course, I have some ideas, but nothing concrete as of yet. I keep searching online for some ideas and that just increases the decisions so much more! Do I want to paint or wallpaper? If I paint, should it be solid or possibly stripes? Black or white furniture? Patterned crib bedding or solid and create pops of color elsewhere? Carpet or laminate floors - I REALLY want to pull up the carpet and put down laminate in the baby's room (as well as the rest of the main level of the house, but that is another battle).  I would like a fun light fixture, but obviously my ornate girlie chandelier is now out of the question!

Here are some of my inspirations:

I adore the yellow dresser against the gray walls - now this is
the pop of color I LOVE! How easy would it be to restore an
old dresser & paint it...Goodwill, here I come!

Here are the gray walls again - with the lantern cluster in fun boy colors.

Yellow & gray is gorgeous

Love the stripes, but I think it would be
 fun to make the wall paint the focus of the room.

Love the orange pop with the zebra rug!

It looks like I have a long road ahead of me....wish me luck.

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  1. Congrats on your first pregnancy!! I agree, I love the grey and yellow + the fun lanterns :)

    Coley at


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