Thursday, June 9, 2011

15 Weeks: What's New...

Due date: November 26th - it seems so far away but became more realistic when I was going through a Manager on Duty schedule at work and they had me schedule to be MOD on 11/26. I actually had to write back that I wouldn't be able to help out that night because it's my due due date!! It seems so foreign, but I know it's going to sneak up on us quick!

Baby developments: Little Mango is the size of an apple or a navel orange this week, depending on what site you read. Baby's legs now out-measure his arms and all four limbs have functional joints. Although his eyelids are still fused shut, he can still sense light and if I shined a flashlight at my tummy, he would likely move away from the beam.

Weight gain: holding steady at a pound below pre-pregnancy weight. While I'm concerned and will make sure to address this in my doctor's appointment, I also believe that I can attribute this to the fact that I'm not drinking alcohol and eating as crappy as I did before pregnancy - I think I had a couple pounds to lose anyway.

Cravings:  BWW boneless wings in Spicy Garlic (definitely do not taste as good coming back up), red apples, bagels w/ cream cheese, decaf Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Lattes, warm pretzels w/ cheese and, of course, candy (I'm sucking on a Carmel Apple sucker as I type). Why, oh why, can't I choose a banana over a sucker???

Aversions: I can't even think about Chik-fil-a without feeling like I could throw up....still. I know this because everyone (and I mean everyone) text or emailed me last week because there is word that Chik-fil-a bought land in Council Bluffs and will be building soon. Under normal circumstances - this would be AMAZING news. Under my current condition, I could care less and I'm actually kind of mad that it could be coming now that I can't fathom eating it and I'm going to miss out...

Symptoms: the vomiting has slowed down tremendously and only occurs after dinner now. However, my boobs are still so sore. Running the other night I thought I was going to have to hold onto them - they were bouncing everywhere! I'm also spilling out of my bras, which actually isn't as hot as I would've thought it would be prior to it happening. It just looks weird.

I also read "your gums may be red and swollen (thanks, hormones) this week" and the crazy thing is that mine are! I was just complaining to Nick that I needed to hit the dentist because my gums seemed larger and were bleeding in some places when I brushed....and then I read this and realize Little Mango is to blame!

I am loving: everything baby. I enjoy talking about the baby, looking at my check list, thinking about what we are going to buy the baby - everything. I'm excited to have dinner with my friend Heidi tonight who is also expecting - it will be fun to have mama talk.

Sleep: I'm definitely getting enough sleep. My only complaint would be that I can't get my butt out of bed - I've been trying to work out in the mornings this week and that is not happening.

I miss: beer. I really wanted an ice cold beer this weekend at Sicily's birthday party. I actually had a drink of Nick's - this was the first drink of alcohol that I've had since finding out I was pregnant and I think it did worse for me because that is all I want right now. It was soooo good! It's especially been hard while golfing since beer and golf always went so well together!

I'm looking forward to: my doctor's appointment on Monday - I've got a lot of questions and it's just been so long since I've had a check up that I'm ready to get an update and make sure all is well with baby. Non-baby related, I'm excited for Nick to get back from Vegas on Saturday night. We are planning a little date night and, honestly, I just don't like having him gone.

Movement: none yet, but I should be able to start feeling Little Mango any time between 16 weeks and 22 weeks - definitely hope it's sooner rather than later!

It's a...: I'm getting super excited....I think we will find out at our 18 week ultrasound. That is two weeks from Monday and is quite possibly the most exciting thing in my life right now!

Exercise: The usual, hit Zorinsky for what is becoming more of a walk/run, not a run/walk these days. I just don't have the energy I used to in order to finish the five miles, plus it's HOT out! Nick & I took Maya for a run the other night (after the sun went down of course) and I was dying after that. I was actually asking Nick when it was time to walk!

Diet: A perfect mix of good & bad - I've been getting fruit and drinking lots of water, but I definitely could improve on what I'm eating. Story of my life....

Goals for the upcoming week: bottom out the closet of the soon-to-be nursery. It has to happen and I just need to do it already! Plus I want to make a couple of onesies - for myself and for some of my friends who have babies on the way.

Belly shot:
There is definitely a belly there!

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