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17 Weeks: What's New...

Due date: November 26th

Baby developments: Little Mango is now the size of an onion - I seriously question their comparisons to foods. Last week was an avocado and two weeks prior was an orange (or an apple depending what I was reading) and I feel that the oranges I see are much bigger than the onions when grocery whatever. I've got a growing baby in me and that's all that matters! Baby weighs about 5 ounces and is around 5 inches long. Baby's skeleton is hardening, changing from rubbery cartilidge to bone, and fat is accumulating around it. Fingers & toes are now featuring one-of-a-kind prints.

Weight gain: 2lbs total's slowly inching up there. I will be interested to see if I hit the 12-14 lbs they predict this trimester. There is still a lot of time left and a lot of food to be eaten!

Cravings: bagels w/ cream cheese, chocolate (in the form of Milk Duds & Hostess Cupcakes), skim milk and warm decaf green tea w/ honey (Nick actually got me started on this - and there hasn't been a morning this week that I've not stopped and picked one up on the way to work or had a couple cups at night).

Aversions: I really have no need for meat right now - chicken, steak - none of it sounds good unless it comes in the form of a cold cut on a Subway or Jimmy John's sandwich.  To make sure I'm getting protein I've been drinking Boost Protein Shakes periodically and eating boiled eggs. And I'm beginning to think that pizza is doing a number on my stomach because I get crazy sick every time I eat it...but, of course, do you think I've stopped eating it - I don't think so. Sunday night at my parent's house we had Welsh's pizza which is my absolute fav pizza place from back home - except it upset my stomach something terrible and I was in the bathroom for the rest of the night before heading back to Omaha.

Symptoms: headaches have been bad this week and I think caffeine is still the culprit. As I stated in my previous updates, I'm trying to cut back on the caffeine and I've been trying to only drink it every other day, but when I don't drink it I can totally tell and I get monster headaches. I've tried having a little pop while popping Tylenol like my doctor suggested, but it doesn't seem to work.

I've also gotten sick this week, which is no fun. I woke up on Sunday with a terrible sore throat, which for me is the beginning of a cold. And boy was I right - I was basically holed up on Monday (my day off!) trying to fight off the headache, sore throat, coughing, congestion...and I still have it. I'm taking some over the counter medication, but in researching online I think it should be ok for the baby - I'm not going overboard, but I definitely need it to feel better.

I am loving: I'm becoming a blog-whore. I love looking at blogs, specifically about pregnancy, decorating the nursery, whatever it may be - and I spend A LOT of time surfing other people's blogs. My absolute fav is Chic & Cheap Nursery - it's a blog and website with great tips for decorating nurseries and some gorgeous ideas!

Sleep: has been great and I notice when I don't get to bed by 11pm (that is the absolute latest - usually it's more like 10pm) and could tell I was hurting after staying at Chris & Tessa's until 2am Sunday night. But, hey, the boys were having a good time drinking their Coors Light pony cans (8oz) - you would've thought Chris hit the lottery when we stopped on our way back from Emerson in Fremont for beer for the guys - he was so excited!

Look at how small the can is!
I miss: being able to wear most of my pants and shorts from last year. They button and I can wear them without looking like I'm pouring myself in them, but honestly it's just not comfortable so I find myself wearing leggings, workout pants and dresses (for work & play) all the time. Bottom line there is a belly growing here and I can't just prance around in my same old outfits. I did find a great Cynthia Rowley dress last night and I'm actually wearing it today because I love it so much - it is so comfortable and great for work:

Cynthia Rowley - Gunmetal Studded Shift

I am looking forward to: our trip to Okoboji over 4th of July weekend. There are about 20 of us going and I can't wait to boat and just hang out with our friends for the entire weekend. I've decided I'm going to let it all hang out next to all the thin, gorgeous girls going with us and just go with it! I've found some cute cover-ups and also have tried on my bikinis and they still fit (hell, they are basically made for pregnant women - cut out right where the bump is!), so I hope everyone enjoys the extra me they will get to see.  I need some help with some mocktail recipes for the trip, though - any ideas? I don't want to stick with water or anything else boring.

I am spazzing about: our ultrasound next Tuesday. I hope Little Mango cooperates and gives the doc a view of his/her private parts so we can find out what we're having! For a girl who absolutely hates surprises and is extremely impatient, I have to say this has been the longest wait of my life! Tess & I were talking about finding out last night and whether we would have them tell us right there at the appointment or have them write it down and put it in an envelope so we can look at it together later, in privacy. I'm leaning toward the latter - I think that would be great to have the great reveal together, just the two of us.

Best moment this week: (he's going to hate me for saying this...), but I love how sweet Nick is with my ever-growing belly. He rubs it and talks to it periodically - and I secretly (secret from him, not from you guys) love it. And he's been very complimentary of me, which as you guys must know is so great to hear, even if it couldn't possibly be the truth since I am growing wider and larger every day. I am so in love with that guy...seriously....and miss him terribly right now. Wow, ok, I'm off my Nick high-horse. Where did that come from...must be the pregnancy emotions??

Movement: nothing this week - I cannot wait until I feel this baby move and absolutely without uncertainty know that it's the baby.

It's a...: I don't want to jinx anything, but I think it's going to be a boy. I still stick with the fact that I will be happy with a girl or boy as long as it's healthy, but just as I think of that perfect little family, I would like to have a boy first and then a girl, so she can have a big brother to look over her.  But I would be happy either way, I promise!

Exercise: I did well last week and went to Lifetime five days and enjoyed light weight lifting and the elliptical. This week has been a little bit of Lifetime and a little bit at home on the treadmill. I definitely see a difference when I'm on the treadmill and I'm definitely more winded when I finish.

Speaking of lifting, last week before Nick's mom came over to pick up the furniture, Nick said, "let's go get a head start before they get here and have some of it moved upstairs." I told him I didn't think it was a good idea for me to lift heavy pieces of furniture, so he decided he would jump online and google it and found out, "it says lifting furniture won't hurt the baby, it might hurt you but definitely won't hurt the baby. Let's go and get this done," he said. Awesome, thanks hubby, glad you are concerned about my well-being.

Diet: besides the above mentioned Hostess Cupcakes and pizza, my diet has been ok. I've been eating a lot fruit, yogurt and drinking plenty of water.  I still eat crap, don't get me wrong, but overall it's been a good balance.

Goals for the upcoming week: not necessarily baby related, but watch my spending. As most of you know, I'm extremely frivilous and Nick put me on a budget, just to see if I could do it, while he's gone. (He's in Vegas this week for work.) During his last trip two weeks ago, I failed miserably, but to my defense it was dry cleaning, gas, groceries and other necessities/bills that we weren't accounting for that put us over our goal. So I really am trying to make an effort to stick to my budget this week and impress my there is a little reward in it for me if I do!

Belly shot: Ok, I understand that your belly expands throughout the day with food that you eat, but I had to share this. The first pic is from yesterday morning right after I woke up and the second pic is last night. Look at the difference in that belly!! OMG. (Oh and you may notice I'm a tad bit tanner...that is thanks to Victoria's Secret Bare Bronze sunless tanning lotion...I was getting pale!)

6/21 approx. 6:30am

6/21 approx. 8pm

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